Sunday, May 7, 2017

my little pony.

i'm asked a lot of questions by a lot of people.
{are you naturally blonde?, why aren't you married yet?, you mean you've NEVER drank?}
but i would say the one i am, strangely enough, asked most often is:
what part of the south are you from?
of course, i answer a bit sassily with, "california. southern california".
now let me tell you, 
there are so many worse things in this world than being mistaken for 
a true southern belle.
at first i was a bit confused where it all came from,
but from my progressively frequent use of "bless your heart as a negative"
{thanks miranda}
to my dedication to gigham as a not-just-for-the-tablecloth print,
to my slight obsession with sending thank you notes,
it doesn't seem too far off.
sorta like a fake prada,
as close as you're gonna get to the real thing without actually being the real thing.
and then there is my sincere love for horse racing.

i fell in love with getting dressed up in something classy, throwing a good hat on it,
and cheering for horses from a certain pretty woman in the early 90s.
which, i get it people, was polo and not horse racing,
{you might not follow me on that one, but i follow me, 
and that's probably the most important part.}
anywho, derby day is big, biG, bIG, BIG in my sparkly playbook.
each year i get excited with the brand new possibility of a pony going for the
ever elusive triple crown.
i always watch secretariat the night before the derby,
and 2 years ago cried when it actually happened.

this year moi & a certain someone figured out a way to 
bring a lot of kentucky to our little slice of california by spending derby day 
at the santa anita race track.
we sat track-side, 
learned that i'm not too shabby at picking a winning superfecta {boxed, of course},
figured out i should probably stick to sky-high heels 
after a not-so-graceful meet and greet between my knee and the concrete,
snacked on all things fried,
and held onto our hats as we watched always dreaming win the roses on the big screen.

never has a day spent out in the rain been so full of sunshine.

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