Tuesday, May 9, 2017

only me when i'm with you: kar.

 at the end of last year i decided that,
despite my continued efforts to blog publicly and live privately,
i wanted y'all to get to know the people who make my world spin 'round a bit better.
aka: i honestly don't love talking about moi's self all the time.
and in case you missed the initial installment of this weekly column,
skip back and read all about bff rach {here}.

this week's turn at the plate is: karla!

a little bit of background:
as i mentioned in my maid of honor speech at her wedding last year,
i can't tell you the exact moment she walked into my life.
i don't remember the day we met or what we talked about or 
what it was exactly that made us click the way we do.
and i've always considered that a great blessing.
because, you see, it seems she's always been with me.

from midnight calls about homework and boys in jr high and high school,
to hundreds...ehhh...scratch that...thousands of texts sent throughout college,
to me moving back and forth over a number of years,
distance and timing and life may have been physically between us, at times,
but there hasn't been anything thrown my way that i haven't been able to turn to her with.
we have faught the biggest of fights and we have laughed the loudest of laughs,
and lived through everything in between.

have you ever known someone who you could tell absolutely anything to?
and i'm not talking the silly things or in a truth or dare sense of the phrase.
i mean the deepest sort of thoughts you have that you swear 
should never see the light of day?
someone who knows the right questions to ask without you having to even
hint that you have something to say?
someone who literally knows everything about you?
for the past 19 years i have,
and not a day goes by where i don't realize this girl is one of the greatest blessings
 i've ever been given.
she's my absolute soul; my sister.
which is why i can't wait to share her fabulousness with you...

what do you do for work?
vice president and information technology director of a bank.

how did we meet?
junior high, where i first discovered jess had perfect handwriting, lol.

favorite movie/book?
sweet home alabama.

one word your husband would use to describe you?

what are the 3 things you bring with you on a desert island?
my husband, a life vest and my makeup collection.

what are 3 things i would bring with me on a desert island?
diet coke, a tv and the entire series of sex and the city.

something you say a lot?
"God's watching you" to spot guilty liars!

how did you meet your husband?
confirmation class at church.

something embarrassing that has happened to you?
there's too many to pick from...one classic was probably running up the stairs to class and tripping on the second to last step, while wearing a skirt.  those below me had a great view of my yellow undies.

if you have to pick a tv or movie character for you and one for me, who would they be?
i'm charlotte and you are carrie. i mean, for real.

what is something about me most readers probably don't know?
you have an insane movie poster collection, and in another life you'd be an amazing interior decorator.

what is your favorite memory of our friendship?
gosh, where do i begin? from our acrobatic gymnastic moves during high school dance team to calling each other at midnight to say, happy new year!

one thing you want for christmas?
for my husband and i to buy our first house.

we are going shopping, where is the first place on your list?
target! but when we want to be fancy, kate spade, helloooooooo!!! 
but let's be real, when we're together, we are always eating. :) do restaurants count? because we'd eat first, then shop!

do you view the diet coke glass half full or half empty?
half full.

aside from necessities, what is one thing you can't go a day without?
my cellphone, lol.

what is the last thing you watched on tv?
once upon a time, the musical episode.

what is your biggest pet peeve?
people who feel entitled, but have earned absolutely nothing.

what is your favorite thing about yourself?
i am pretty goal oriented, and i always keep myself looking forward to something.

why do you think our friendship works?
trust and loyalty and endless hours of talking about anything and everything.

if you could tell bergdorf brunette readers anything, what would it be?
to her gentleman fans, she's a CATCH! don't let her go. i'm picturing her special someone in my head right now. ;)

Sunday, May 7, 2017

my little pony.

i'm asked a lot of questions by a lot of people.
{are you naturally blonde?, why aren't you married yet?, you mean you've NEVER drank?}
but i would say the one i am, strangely enough, asked most often is:
what part of the south are you from?
of course, i answer a bit sassily with, "california. southern california".
now let me tell you, 
there are so many worse things in this world than being mistaken for 
a true southern belle.
at first i was a bit confused where it all came from,
but from my progressively frequent use of "bless your heart as a negative"
{thanks miranda}
to my dedication to gigham as a not-just-for-the-tablecloth print,
to my slight obsession with sending thank you notes,
it doesn't seem too far off.
sorta like a fake prada,
as close as you're gonna get to the real thing without actually being the real thing.
and then there is my sincere love for horse racing.

i fell in love with getting dressed up in something classy, throwing a good hat on it,
and cheering for horses from a certain pretty woman in the early 90s.
which, i get it people, was polo and not horse racing,
{you might not follow me on that one, but i follow me, 
and that's probably the most important part.}
anywho, derby day is big, biG, bIG, BIG in my sparkly playbook.
each year i get excited with the brand new possibility of a pony going for the
ever elusive triple crown.
i always watch secretariat the night before the derby,
and 2 years ago cried when it actually happened.

this year moi & a certain someone figured out a way to 
bring a lot of kentucky to our little slice of california by spending derby day 
at the santa anita race track.
we sat track-side, 
learned that i'm not too shabby at picking a winning superfecta {boxed, of course},
figured out i should probably stick to sky-high heels 
after a not-so-graceful meet and greet between my knee and the concrete,
snacked on all things fried,
and held onto our hats as we watched always dreaming win the roses on the big screen.

never has a day spent out in the rain been so full of sunshine.