Sunday, April 23, 2017

hello old friend.

hey girl {and boy}, heyyyyyyy.
a few things have changed since this brunette turned suicide squad blonde last checked in:

i am no longer a salt lake city-an!
that's right,
i closed the "big city living" chapter of my life for a dream i wanted even more,
to be smothered & surrounded by my people on the golden coast.
getting to a point in which i realized this took me on a bit of a journey.
but perhaps one of the greatest lessons i've learned thus far is 
while it's surely fun to go conquer the world,
{i think it's imperative to our growth to get out there and get after what we want}
if you don't have your people around to celebrate the victories with,
they don't mean much.
atleast not for me.
and while i was so blessed to meet great dear ones in slc,
my heart is, and forever will be, on the west coast.

it all finally feels right.
i would say if i had a top 5 rule book-sparkle-guide to life,
one of those rules would most certainly be:
never settle.
from life choices to relationships to friendships to the type of heels you invest in,
this mantra is mine through and through.
it has motivated all of my transitions in life thus far, 
and while it may seem to some that i ended up right back where i started,
the places i've been, the experiences i've had, the people i've met
all contributed to helping me down this path called the woman i'm striving to be.
as always, there are still a few kinks to work out from the move,
but every night before i fall asleep,
i get on my knees and thank the Lord for the comfort of knowing 
i'm exactly where i should be.

it's playoff season...and i don't have a knot in my stomach!
the sad news to this statement is that my beloved hawks are out of the playoffs.
the good news is i will have a rare stretch between now and june
where my life isn't run by gameday superstitions and
feeling like i'm one period of overtime away from an ulcer.

pass that bikini!
perhaps it's the fact that i am binging total divas off of hulu 
like it's a bowl of ice cream the night before a catholic kicks off lent,
or that summer is just around the corner,
but either way, i started round 3 of the kayla bikini body guide last week!
and i am all in on this choo-choo-train of veggies and kale juice,
so if you are excited for summah-time too,
email me!
burpees are always better in a {virtual} buddy system.

april showers bring may flowers!
anything worth having in life isn't going to be handed to you.
{except maybe a cadberry egg or diet coke or somethin' like that}
and while this move has been absolutely perfect in terms of the bigger picture,
the millions of pieces to the california puzzle have been a bit of an uphill climb to fit together.
but like someone very dear to my heart reminded me today,
God is in charge.
what is meant for us will not pass by us.
and by faith and perseverance, 
the right doors will swing wide open at the right time.

as you can see love-doves,
so much is happening with so much more to fill you in on.
i am grateful for it all,
minus the hawks getting kicked out of the playoffs..
i'm not grateful for that. ;)


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  1. "like it's a bowl of ice cream the night before a catholic kicks off lent" hahaha. That made me LOL. Best wishes on the new adventure and glad to have you back in Cali.