Thursday, December 1, 2016

start a love train.

not sure about you,
but i woke up this morning sorta feelin' 22,
or like it was christmas,
or somewhere in between.
because guess what?
thee official kick-off to the #LIGHTtheWORLD campaign 
the lds church launched last week!

now, i know what you might be thinking,
or maybe even a few things...

first, you might be thinking,
she has to say she's excited about things like this so people think she's a good person.
actually, false.
i closed the chapter on november feeling truly overwhelmed by all the birthday love 
i received from all of you.
i can't even really put into words how special it was,
and that's saying something for a gal who seems to always know the right thing to say.
it was the kind of month that left me wanting to do everything i could to take all the love and joy 
that was thrown at me,
and turn around and throw in right back out into the world.
as a way of saying thank you,
from the bottom of my, truly humbled, heart.

and if that wasn't what you were thinking,
perhaps, maybe, you're worried about the "religious" aspect to this campaign.
but, you see, that's the best part about it!
this is something for EVERYONE,
regardless of political party, background, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.
it doesn't matter how much money you make at your job,
or how big your house may or may not be,
or what kind of car you drive,
or where you spend your sundays.
imagine what could begin to happen in our communities if we spend the next 25 days
spreading joy and happiness like confetti,
rather than sitting around and spewing hate and negativity?
it seems to me a lot of recent the pessimism is about people's various opinions on change,
and what the right way to go about it is.
while i may not know everything,
i do know change starts with action.
it's a verb.
so rather than talking about everything people should do differently.
let's get out and show it.

and okay, maybe the last thing you're thinking is
why in the world is she so excited about a striped scarf.
well, you see, back in 2002 GAP launched their christmas campaign
with a striped scarf and a love train.
after seeing the above commercial,
{which is still tied with the britney through the ages pepsi comm. for my all time fav}
i just had to have one of those scarves.
i mean, this was my MUST item that year for christmas.
i begged and pleaded and hinted at it for all the days leading up.
and then almost cried tears of joy when i opened the gift from my aunty angela & uncle chris to find that beautiful purple and grey stripped scarf folded up inside.
still to this day,
every time i put the scarf on i'm reminded of the commercial, 
and the message of love {without judgement} it promotes.

so, people all over the world,
let's join hands,
hop on over to,
print out your calendar with a new service theme for each of the next 25 days,
and start that love train, y'all!


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