Monday, December 12, 2016

only me when i'm with you: rach.

i think we have all heard the age old adage,
money doesn't buy happiness.
and sure that person probably never had sprinkles cupcakes,
but i am going to throw them a bone here & confirm they were on to something.
yes, i'm a gal who likes pretty things,
but that's not happiness.

as i've gotten older i've realized that happiness is who you experience the details of life with.
the good, the bad, the perfectly messy, the everything in between with.
i have never wanted for good friends.
i consider them some of my greatest blessings in this life.
which is why i am starting a new weekly bb piece!
instead of me saying how great my people are all the time,
they can tell you all about their fabulosity themselves!

each week i will showcase a different friend(s) through a blanket questionnaire
i've emailed out to them.
the answers are not edited nor suggested,
meaning this could get really scary, really fast!
but just true to the people my world is fortunate enough to spin around.

first up? RACH!
tiny bit of background:
rach and i have known each other for 18 years now.
she is thee absolute most loyal, non judgement best friend you could ever ask for.
she's the kind of girl you ask to help you bury a body.
but you get the point i am trying to make.
she would do anything for those she loves.
she is funny, smart, sweet, and gives you nothing other than the 100% truth.
she's getting married next year {yay!},
and i can't wait to see all the good things that unfold her way through the years to come.
i would not be me without every bit i have learned from her.

so here we go...

what do you do for work?
investigative assistant at the public defender's office.

how did we meet?
we met in 7th grade, but things really took off when you stole the last white paper in one of our classes. i don't remember which class, but i remember we needed it for some artsy project we had to work on. i'm thinking it was english.

favorite movie/book?
movie: a walk to remember
book: i'd still probably have to say the twilight series (don't judge, i know how it looks lol)!

one word your fiancé would use to describe you?

what are the 3 things you would bring with you on a desert island?
cellphone, chapstick, my dog.

what are 3 things i would bring with me on a desert island?
diet coke, your fav pair of shoes, and a tv so you could watch your cubs and blackhawks!

something you say a lot?

how did you meet your fiancé?
he was my TA in college...whoops! i did also happen to get the best grade in the class. (but that was all me!) we actually met because we were both TA's and had to take a specific "TA" class so we could receive credit. he just happened to be the assigned TA in one of my classes. we connected and bonded.

something embarrassing that has happened to you?
OMG i feel like there are so many and i don't even know where to start! most recently, i was trying to be sneaky and drop something off in my co-worker's office, but as i turned to leave i bumped into one of her shelves and broke part of it, making all kinds of commotion. needless to say, i got spotted and my effort to be sneaky failed! i was red as a tomato! now my theme song at work is "wrecking ball"...great! channeling my inner miley as we speak!

if you had to pick a tv or movie character for you, and one for me, who would they be?
well, i'm samantha and you are carrie! done and done (and karla's charlotte, obvy!)

what is something about me most readers probably don't know?
you have a strong, outgoing, tough demeanor. but the reality is, you hurt just as easily as the rest of us, you just don't let others see you when you're vulnerable.

what is your favorite memory of our friendship?
going to vegas to celebrate your "divorce" party! that was such an awesome girls trip and one i constantly think about! it was the last time we went to vegas just the 3 of us, too! we splurged on serendipity frozen hot chocolate, shopped, danced, gambled, and you even scored a bottle of champagne by a random girl in the casino! highlight of that night was us trying to figure out how to pop the cork!
(**editor's note - no, i've never been married. i had just gone through thee most gut wrenching heartache of my life and the girls picked me up off my floor and took me to vegas for the weekend to help me find my smile again. the first night we were there a group of guys came up to our table at dinner and asked us what we were celebrating. without thinking one of us said "she got divorced from this really awful guy we all tried to warn her against marrying" - and the theme just stuck.)

one thing you want for christmas?
cards against humanity

we are going shopping, where is the first place on your list?

do you view the diet coke glass half full or half empty?
half full, always.

aside from necessities, what is the one thing you can't go a day without?
chapstick! or does that count as a necessity? if so, then probably my cellphone!

what is the last thing you watched on tv?
the great christmas light fight! (i think that's the name of the show!)

what is your biggest pet peeve?
when people lie and think they're being sneaky, but it's obvious they're lying.

what is your favorite thing about yourself?
i am very passionate when it comes to people and things i care about and love. don't mess with me when you mess with someone i love!

why do you think our friendship works?
our friendship works because despite any issues we have had or will have (because let's face it, nobody is perfect and there will always be issues, that's how a healthy relationship works) eventually things always go back to where they left off. it's like nothing ever happened or separated us. we pick up and can continue laughing and having a good time with one another. despite anything we are all alike, yet we bring a little extra something to the table. you have the ability to be strong and outspoken. i think that is something i have learned over the years of being friends with you. there is always something to learn from one another. we accept each other for the good, the bad and the ugly. we revel in each other's flaws and know that that is what adds character and spunkiness to our relationship. if things were always perfect, then life would just be boring. we fight, we laugh, we cry together. we've been through major life changes together. you moved to utah (more than once!!) and yet here we still are. like the saying goes "we may be far in distance, but never in heart". your family is my family and vice versa. it works because WE make it work. because it's something WE want. it's something WE can't find anywhere else.

if you could tell bergdorf brunette readers anything, what would it be?
that they should feel honored that you share so much of your life with them! it's not easy to put yourself out there, and the fact that you do that and actually pay attention to the requests, wants, needs of your readers speaks volumes about the person you are. you are a private person, but you give the people what they want! ;)

but really though loves,
isn't she perfection?
now you have a tiny peak of why i am so incredibly lucky to call this one mine.


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