Saturday, December 10, 2016

keep that tinsel out of a tangle, y'all.

 i feel it's finally time to explain the license plate.
when i was relief society president,
yes, RELIEF SOCIETY president,
my sweet & fabulously brazilian 1st counselor
{we call her gisele, for short}
visited NYC.
now, we had probably only known each other for about 2 months, at the time,
but she came back with this gift for me.
i was a bit taken aback at first and she simply said,
in her perfect no excuses accent,
"you know, because you're a new york b****h."
i laughed so hard i couldn't not make it a permanent place in my home.
and she made for herself a permanent place to stay in my life.

 their names are sid, geno, chris and kris.

 the statement shoe shelf of the house got a little christmas cheer makeover for the season.

 when i was a little girl,
i used to beg my mom to let me sleep with this velveteen rabbit every christmas eve.

the nice thing about having such an extensive shoe collection,
is you can improvise when you realize you're not enough of an adult
to have a tree topper.

i got these adorable hawaiian holiday hula girls when
we were in hawaii this past march.
i'm slightly obsessed,
but they also remind me of the epic, i need a dole whip NOW,
mini-meltdown i had that afternoon.
and i can't help but laugh at who i turn into when i'm hangry.

 she's a bit dated, but still my favorite.
i bought this becky thatcher ornament in hannibal, missouri,
with my allowance money,
during once of our many family cross country summer road trips when i was younger.

 because who said louboutins only go on your feet?

 my happy places.

 over the past two years,
my little apartment in thee city has come to know 2 nicknames.
in the summer it's the barbie dream house.
embarrassingly appropriate.
the day glitter isn't a basic human right is the day i give up on this world!
during the fall & winter it's the hallmark house.
my gal pals have compared my life over this past season to one that would fit 
into no other world than a hallmark world.
if i wasn't so insanely private about certain parts of my life,
i would go into thee details.
maybe one day i will.
but until then,
you get a peak into my "hallmark movie girl" home decor.
because as you can tell,
i don't like christmas at all. ;)


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