Tuesday, December 6, 2016

easy bake gal's book review: first comes love.

one tiny little world, with a helluva big meaning.
i've had it, i've lost it, i've felt it, i've missed it...
i've gone around every adjective in the dictionary about it seemingly 7x over.
but then again, who hasn't?

i finished our easy bake book club selection of the month, first comes love, last night 
and my gut reaction was: ugly tears.
i mean, that. last. page. though...
i wish i could quote it here because everything giffin expresses in 
those last few lines is, for me, as complete a synopsis of love as you can get.
a very difficult task, considering it's a feeling that can never truly be put into words.
but she get's pretty darn close.

so, now for a few thoughts on what i liked about the book 
and what i felt a little meh about, 
without giving too much away:

love: the supporting cast - plus 9 points.
if you haven't read any of giffin's previous novels,
her true power as an author comes from her incomparable ability to 
create character depth.
however, in this book she gives so much dynamic to her supporting characters.
enough to where, at times, i felt myself caring more about them than our two main gals.
from gabe to pete to nolan to will to, even, little harper,
she made people that are normally somewhat disposable in a novel absolutely necessary.

love: ellen & andy - plus 7 points.
as i mentioned in my original post,
with the exception of something borrowed and something blue,
none of giffin's books are sequels of one another, but she always manages 
to bring back former characters.
andy and ellen {friends of meredith and nolan} are the main couple in love the one you're with.
the bad news? 
if you haven't read the book it totally gives away the suspense of 
will she stay or will she go throughout.
the good news?
 if you have read the other book, it adds a nice little update on two of my FAVORITE 
giffin characters without needing an entirely new book.

meh: meredith - minus 4 points.
another one of giffin's talents is taking very flawed characters and endearing them to the reader.
but for some reason this time around,
meredith was so. freakin. hard. for. me. to. love.
maybe this had to do with how well i felt giffin developed nolan's character,
that i ended up being more on his side than meredith's,
or maybe she really was that unforgiving of a person,
i don't really know.
but i do know i didn't care about her personal happiness until about chapter 35.
and considering we only have 35 chapters in the book,
it was tough to push through her part of the story, at times.

love: josie is an online dater - plus 3 points.
because let's get real,
this is how people meet these days.

meh: lack of pete - minus 2 points.
i wanted more pete.
also, could we have given him a different name?
pete always reminds me of aiden's dog in sex and the city.

love: what is love? - plus 10 points.
majority of giffin's novels revolve around romantic love,
and while there was plenty of that in this book,
i loved that the main relationship in question was that of 2 sisters.
love isn't just romance,
you're not solely lovable if you have a plus one to the dinner party.
love, in all its forms, is for everyone.
and i think especially this time of year,
we sometimes need that reminder.

final verdict? plus 23 points.
i won't say this is my favorite of her novels,
{something borrowed & love the one you're with still can't be beat}
but i really enjoyed the idea of it all,
and, nevertheless, couldn't turn the pages fast enough.
i found it, if anything, her most relatable novel.
i mean, how many of us go out and actually have affairs with our best friend's
fiancé before their wedding?
or fall in love with our best friend's father?
many of giffin's other stories are very dramatic forms of reality,
but this, for me at least, was so close to a lot of the emotions humans deal with on a daily basis.
it was an incredibly messy story,
but then again, isn't real life a fabulous, but incredibly messy story?
we all try to grasp the meanings of forgiveness, loss, letting go, moving on, 
the various facets of love...
and then figure out somehow to apply everything we learn to the path we choose in life.

okay now,
what about you, love-doves?
did you finish yet?
what did you think?
where is your love/meh index scale at?
i can't wait to hear your thoughts!

happy continued reading, loves.

ps - i've already picked our next book!
but i want to wait another week or so to announce it 
so no one is feeling like they can't keep up in the easy bake world.
we won't start reading it though until the new year.
it's BIG. and little.
all at the same time.
and that's your only hint ;)

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