Sunday, November 20, 2016

thee easy bake gal's guide to book clubbing.

listen up, ladies!
while i was cleaning out my email inbox this afternoon,
i came across an email from a store i had purchased book club supplies from 
back when i was leading a book club for my church sissys.
which reminded me that so many of you have emailed in over time about 
potentially starting a book club here in this little space.
so guess what?
today is THAT day!
y'all are invited to our official start of thee easy bake gal's book club.
{you can thank the gross cold i woke up with this morning for me finally having nothing but the time to make it happen}

membership fees may be paid in diet coke & glitter.

if you have always wanted to join a book club, 
but don't especially have the time to go sit at someone's house once a week and chat about it,
or maybe you don't have a group of ladies to lunch with,
this is gonna be your thing, girl!
hence why we're calling it an "easy bake gal's guide to book clubbing".
no need to slave away in the kitchen all day when you can go buy the pre-made dough,
cut it up,
clap it onto that cookie sheet,
and get the same amount of yummy after 15 minutes of baking, right?
meaning, this is a sorta at your own pace, during your own time, 
in your own space kinda girl gang.
but a solid & fabulous virtual girl gang, nonetheless.

i picked our kick-off book,
first comes love by emily giffin,
mainly because she is my favorite of favorite authors and
i feel like everyone needs to get on this train with me.
you'll have no regrets.
i promise.

as you can see in the photos above,
i literally have a shrine dedicated to her novels sitting above the book case in my front entry,
complete with a painting by my favorite artist, inslee haynes,
portraying each of giffin's main characters reading her own novel.
the girl crush of adoration & admiration is so, so real.

i was introduced to giffin years ago through her breakout hit,
something borrowed,
the story of a girl who has an affair with her best friend's fiance weeks before their wedding.
it seems a story that's been oversold & overtold by so many authors,
but that's where giffin's specific talent comes in.
she takes lovable characters and places them in, what most of the world would judge as, 
unlovable situations.
no, her books are not brain surgery, people,
but they bring up a lot of questions about humanity,
and that's the sorta stuff i could sit around my heart shaped foot rest 
and talk girl talk about all day long.
what i love almost even more is,
while her books are not sequels of each other
{except something borrowed and something blue}
the characters all exist in the same world.
meaning, you never know who is going to show up again in another book.
giffin threads the needle to her universe so perfectly.

first comes love, giffin's newest novel, is the story of of two sisters,
josie, the single first grade teacher who has sworn off dating for good,
and meredith, the poster child with a successful husband, adorable daughter and perfect home,
who grew apart after a family tragedy and, upon its anniversary,
are being forced to confront the choices they made that have lead them to where they are now.

are you ready?
{i'm only 79 pages in, so i'm right here with y'all}
okay, let's do this.
go pick up your copy
{it's sold at target, any major book store, or (here) on amazon}
and get going!
feel free to post comments on this post along the way as you read, 
or don't,
and then we will gather back in a few to discuss.

happy reading loves!

ps - if you haven't watched the movie, something borrowed,
go out and rent it right now!
especially because the sequel, something blue, is going into production soon.
here is the trailer to double convince you:

{pps - photos via pinterest & inslee haynes & moi}

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  1. Oh my gosh yessssssss!! I'm so happy you're doing this!! I've got to jump in on this!!