Friday, November 11, 2016

thank you.

i went back and forth about touching on the election here,
and then in briefly reading the hate being spewed from both sides these past few days
i decided against it.
let me be clear: i have absolutely nothing against the expression of feelings & fears;
however, i refuse to allow something as poisonous as hate into this space.
not because i don't have opinions,
{y'all know i've never had a day in my life without an opinion!}
but because my opinions are my own,
just as your opinions are your own & equally justified,
whatever they may be.

no one has to be "right".
i love that about this land we live in,
i respect that about you, yes YOU, reading this,
and i would never want the group of people i hold dear
to be based on persuasion into similar thinking.

when it comes to winning & losing in issues like an election,
or, to be honest, life in general,
i don't believe in gloating & i don't believe in complaining.
i do, however, believe in being thankful.
so today the theme of this message is one of humble gratitude.

thank you to all those who sacrifice so much for the freedoms we enjoy in our country.
america is the greatest nation on earth.
i have lived in another country,
and while it was a beautiful country with incredibly loving people,
there is absolutely nothing comparable to the joy & opportunity of living in america.
and it's not lost on me that this joy & opportunity comes at the hands of so many,
from all different races, ethnicities and backgrounds,
having made the ultimate sacrifice to defend these values.

america is a democracy, 
meaning we might not agree on everything all the time,
we might not consistently get what we want,
but we can always love each other.
{kind of like living in a family.}
and i honestly believe the one thing we can all come together and agree on through love is
thanking the men, women and families 
who dedicate everything they have to keep us safe & free.
many of these people have become forgotten,
it is my hope that we can bring their needs & well being to our prayers each day,
and continue to recognize their indescribable sacrifices.

God bless america.
land that i love.
stand beside her,
and guide her,
through the night with the light from above.


{photo courtesy of lilly pulitzer}

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