Sunday, November 6, 2016

hey chicago what do you say?

 ...the cubs WON THE WORLD SERIES today - eh, this week.

i can't even put into words what it's like to say that phrase.
my sweet lil cubbies, my lovable losers, my team that i'm always
teased for being so loyal to,
is finally on top of the world.
i can hardly believe it still, myself.

not sure if y'all were living under a rock on wednesday night,
but in true cubbie fashion the boys didn't win with anything less than a
perfect 10 on the drama scale.
after having a 4 run lead in the game at one point,
by the bottom of the 8th, no thanks a gut wrenching 2 run homer by the indians,
we were tied at six each.
then, as if i wasn't already going into a complete mental tailspin,
we headed to extra innings.
but oh wait, then came the RAIN DELAY!
i mean, i have been through championship rides before with my beloved blackhawks,
but i can honestly say,
i have never in all my life been more nervous or in tummy knots than i was at 
10pm MST on wednesday, november 2nd.

but as seemingly a gift from the baseball gods themselves,
the rain delay was just what our team needed to remember that #WeAreGood.
and the next thing you know,
 i was screaming in my kitchen in disbelief that the cubs, MY CUBS, 
were finally the world series champions.
that after 108 years the curse was finally lifted,
and the hearts of a loyal fandom were heavy no more.

and then i broke down into tears.
because sure it's just a game.
and if they had lost it would have been an empty disappointment,
followed by continuing on with life,
trailed by still loving my boys in stripes.
but one of my favorite things about loving a team so much,
is watching how it brings people together.
during a year where it seems like so many are focused on posting articles 
and news updates that drive us apart and create negative conversation,
{for the record: "oh that political post you put on facebook completely changed my mind."
said NO ONE EVER...okay, i'm done.}
we've watched a sports nation come together over this team.
i've cried through the stories of remembrance for loved ones who didn't get a next year,
i get chills everytime i see the chalk wall at wrigley.
i've conversed with people from around the world whose paths would have never crossed mine otherwise,
cheered and cried with complete strangers.
all in the name of the love of a team,
in the name of a tradition that represents family past and present for so many of us,
and a dream that finally came true.

so yes, it will always be just a game.
but what the game does for us can open the doors to so much more.


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