Monday, November 14, 2016

have courage & be kind.

this dress is a beast.
i mean, it's so big i can't fit through a normal doorway without being pushed
like a creme puff through a key hole.
{name that movie, ladies}
but seriously.
it very quickly became what was simultaneously the greatest & most ridiculous
purchase i have ever gone through with.
i had it custom made in china last year for halloween because,
if ya know me,
you know i have no intention of ever setting my mind to anything
that i don't plan on accomplishing at a 225% success rate.
a guy i dated once told me it might be more like a 225.5% success rate.
{that extra .5 is like 16 more ounces in a mcdonald's diet coke world,
so i'll take that & toast to it.}

after halloween was said and done it took almost a full month
of this sucker hanging in my bathroom doorway for me to finally figure out how to store it.
the genius i came up with was
it would hang on the inside of my laundry room door and
become an almost permanent obstacle each time i wanted to do laundry.
{let's just say victoria's secret has made a killing off of me in the mean time,
if you have 30 pairs of panties you don't have to do laundry that often.
sorry mom, i know i just embarrassed you.}

but then something changed...
a few months ago i was invited to the ohana center for adults with special needs for a tea party,
or i should say rather, the dress was invited.
the director of the center is a fabulous gal i met during my time at BYU,
who wrote me one of the sweetest cards of all time when i was her sunday school teacher,
that i pull out whenever i'm having a bad day and need a reminder that someone on this earth
thinks i'm doing an okay job.
i mean, she's THAT kind of person full of goodness and love.

anywho, she caught wind of the dress from some halloween photos i posted on facebook,
and asked if i would be willing to come surprise the students at the center one afternoon
for a tea party to cap off them learning about manners that week.
naturally, i could never say no.

as all days do, the afternoon came and went,
but the feeling of it and being surrounded by so much good certainly hasn't worn off.
{can i stake a claim to the karma universe that it doesn't ever? 
pretty please?}
we sang disney karaoke, practiced our manners while we ate the yummiest lunch,
talked all about our favorite characters and,
most importantly, my kingdom!
{i received some pretty great suggestions on how i should govern...}

i don't think i will ever be able to truly express my gratitude toward ohana
for welcoming me with open arms and love.
there's a reason it's taken me almost 5 months to write it all down.
but i think the best i can do is turn around and defend the world with the warmth and grace
each of my new friends showed me that afternoon.
acceptance without an ounce of judgement.

life is a funny thing,
it doesn't often go our way.
even when we feel so strongly that we are entitled to a certain part of the journey,
we can't control it.
{i've tried - it doesn't work, people.}
but we CAN control our ideals.
we can be courageous day in and day out,
and treat everyone with graciousness & kindness.
something i'm reminded of each time i fight for a spot in the laundry room
with that great, big, now slightly magical, dress.

the diet coke glass can always be 1/2 full, loves.
trust me.


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