Monday, November 7, 2016

30 for 30.

last month involved a lot of personal growth.
and not the fun kind either.
the kind where there's none for the money & plenty for the show.
and granted, while it was exactly what i had prayed for,
{one of my biggest fears in life is to become stagnant}
i had a bit more sparkle and pizzaz involved in my ideas of
what i thought those growing opportunities should be.

one of my favorite parts of being home a few weeks ago was sitting at a brunch table
with the two women who know me best in this world.
case in point:
i had put together the idea to celebrate my birthday early,
but with the events of last month, the planning kept getting put off.
and i was sorta to a point where i was going to make them go to mcdonald's with me
and eat french fries because i just couldn't add another thing to my plate.
one night i got a text asking me if i had made any sort of reservation for the lunch.
i said no.
and without even a second thought,
i got a text back saying they would take care of it.
and that was that.
when they picked me up for lunch,
they did so in a car with a back seat flooded in flowers and balloons
and presents and most importantly...THEM.

i swear,
my people are the kind of people they write tv shows about.

in the card karla gave me with my present,
she had written down a list of her 30 wishes for me during my 30th year.
and while i normally would keep something like this incredibly private and close to my heart,
there is so much wisdom in this list,
{it is molded so perfectly towards my dreams}
that i couldn't help but share it.
in hopes you can find some possibly needed motivation
to get out there and work for your best you.

and while i know many of you have your own friends who make your worlds go round,
let me share a bit of fabulousness from mine...

30 wishes
go on a new adventure.
find a new hobby.
try new cooking recipes.
mingle with the singles.
spend more time with family.
love your job.
surround yourself with happy people.
learn new exercise moves.
try new foods.
make a bucket list.
focus on the future, worry less about the past.
enjoy me time.
relax and take more bubble baths.
trust in yourself more.
stress less.
give yourself more credit for being awesome.
focus on people that love you.
learn a sport.
take time to laugh more.
save, save, save.
learn a new language.
let your guard down more.
be more open.
stay your true & brave self.
don't be afraid to cry.
never give up.
enjoy little moments.
stay humble.
find the one.

how lucky am i to have such incredible people to love.
and who love me,
flaws and all,
right back.


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