Tuesday, October 18, 2016

thee flirty 30 {part un}.

we are still a good month + a few days away from thee big 30,
but i wouldn't be me if i didn't kick this celebration into high gear a titch early.

this past weekend i flew home to get that b-day train rolling with all the people that mean the most to me in life.
being away from them is so hard sometimes,
i won't even pretend it's anything other.
i love life in my tiny city,
but nothing can replace those who know you best.
and really what more could a girl ask for on her birthday 
than to be surrounded by love?

my two best friends since jr. high took me to brunch & girl talk.
these two make my world spin round.

 my incredibly talented sister-in-law took my hair to that harley quinn level platinum,
without looking like i was dipped in a vat of bleach like homegirl was.

i finally made a presidential choice i feel truly confident in.

 my sweet mom took my sissy-in-law & moi for dessert at the hello kitty cafe.
it's about as perfect as you could imagine, and then some.

 confession: dad likes the dodgers,
but i'm reminding him that he LOVES the cubs.
he's the one who taught me the game,
{my over-zeal for anything in life multiplied that by 1000}
and very few things in life make me happier than watching with him.

my sweet lil' poppy mae is practically a teenager!
okay, that's dramatic,
but she is already a snapchat queen.

thank you to everyone who put their lives on hold for a few days to make mine a bit brighter.

{title painting by inslee hayes}

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