Tuesday, September 13, 2016

but it's different for girls.

have y'all hear this track yet from mr. bentley?
i've had his new album, black, on repeat all week in preps for 
our GNO to his concert this saturday,
and absolutely cannot get enough of this song.

you see,
a few months ago i was on a first date with a guy.
it had become apparent at about the 10 minute mark of the evening,
that it wasn't going anywhere in the chemistry department.

(side note: after having an in depth conversation with my dear friend linds,
i no longer feel like a crazy-pain-in-the-backside when i say, chemistry is huge for me.
and it's either there or it's not.
and yes, to all you nay-sayers,
i've tried the "let it grow thing"
doesn't work. might not ever. it is what it is.
now, back to the story)

the good news is, 
what also had become apparent was that whatever we lacked of chemistry,
we had in the ability to make great conversation.
so we skipped into all the topics you aren't supposed to talk about on a first date.
like the exes and the oh-nos.
after recalling our best dates, our worst dates, our relationship flaws and all,
we, inevitably, hit the topic of heartbreak.
he was actually coming off of one,
i was coming off of one i had caused,
it was such a thought opening dynamic to get into.
because when it comes to it, we all react so differently.
for me? coping is diet coke, my bed and hours of gone with the wind viewing.
for him? a busy schedule, nights out with the guys and sleeping in.

enter: dierks and elle.
after expressing these conclusions,
i immediately pulled out my phone, hijacked the car jack and turned this tune on.

we proceeded to listen to it on repeat all night long.
him sharing his ideas and me sharing mine.
two sorta strangers having one of the best conversations both knowing we would never see nor hear from the other person again beyond that night.

and that's life.
may it ever be a teacher to us all in the strangely best of ways.


  1. Amen! Love how liberating honesty with a stranger can be.

  2. I don't always read the posts you share on facebook, but when I do, it's amazing how much I can relate to them at the time.