Friday, August 26, 2016

i'd make them all clint eastwood.

maybe it's the fact that mom & moi spent a good 10 minutes
talking about him the other day on the phone,
or maybe it's that his son's snap-chat stories have seriously given me life this week.
either way, i am on a clint eastwood kick these days.

now you may not know this about me,
 but i am an eastwood fan girl.
old movies? check.
directorial films? check.
that smolder? check, check.
would go on a date with his son in a heartbeat? check, check, check.
in fact, the more i do date in this world,
the more i realize they really just don't make 'em like that, anymore.

thankfully, this most recent kick has lead me back 
to one of my all time fav summa-time jams from thee ever fabulous,
mrs. jessie james decker.
appropriately titled...clint eastwood.
she captures the essence of every eastwood fan girl's reasoning so perfectly.
"only talks when he's got something' to say,
the way he stares me down says 'make my day'."
all the yesses girl,
all. the. yesses.

i was introduced to her years back,
before she was a decker, and just a jessica james.
a gal pal gave me a playlist of music after a particularly awful heartbreak,
with her song, i look so good without you, on it.
{google it. lather, rinse, repeat.}
if you follow her on any sort of social media, you are well aware of:
how hot her husband is,
{love how ever since they got married, 
he is the only love interest she will cast in her music videos}
how adorable their children are,
and just how really real she keeps it.
{the post where she called out the snitty lady at the country club was STELLAR}
all southern class and sass.
i mean, she almost has me wanting to be a jets fan.
but not really.
said with a tiny bit of disdain because...
jay cutler.
insert eye roll emoji right here, please.

a moment of silence for that romper though, right?!?!

so now ladies,
crack open that diet coke,
roll those sun roofs open, 
go 5 over the speed limit on the freeway,
and turn this up full blast.
i promise it will give you that scott-eastwood-on-the-snapchat-sorta-life feels.

and while your very own clint may still seem 
a bit like the man with no name these days,
here's a fri-yay cheers to finding him.
because he's out there.
promise, promise.

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