Friday, August 19, 2016

hello, harley.

it's not just a holiday in my family.
it's a life event that happens to occur on the same day, 
on a yearly basis.
which means picking my halloween costume is like,
 in the sportscenter top 10 reel of my life every 365 days.

while my heart is forever with kp,
from cupcakes to tigers, i've done every sugar-coated, katy perry look possible.
{so let's get some new looks here gurl, okay}

so after too much thought and consideration,
i decided to be my other queen, mrs. carrie bradshaw.
like most suggested, 
it was almost disappointing i hadn't been her yet 5 years in a row, 
let alone for only one.
and bonus, it involved a tutu.
and y'all KNOW how i love a good tutu.

but then the other night my brazillian amazon of a galpal, carol, 
went con mi to see suicide squad.
{which is a blast and half, in case you decided to listen to cranky critics and stay away}
and there it suddenly was on a 7 foot screen in front of me...
dr. harleen quizel.
aka: harley quinn.
aka: this year's halloween costume.
{with mom's rule that my shorts can't ride up my back-side}
{i may be 29, but you ALWAYS follow mom's rules}

call it the repercussions of growing up in a household with all brothers,
or call it just me, 
but whatever the reason may be...
i'm a sucker for those super heroes.
and while harley is more a super hero for the wrong team,
{i think some would call her a villain}
girlfriend's pigtails are poppin',
and i, clearly, need in on that fun.

happy haunting, loves.

ps: the great news about bradshaw is she never goes out of style,
and the greater news about halloween is,
it rolls around so dependably every year.
which means that pink tutu will come out to play.

{title photo art by inslee hayes}

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