Saturday, August 27, 2016

make{me}-up before you go-go.

darling sissy reader-turned-friend renee marie asked me to do a makeup post months & months ago.
and while this is now about 100 days late & probably about $1000 dollars short,
i wanted to ensure to take the time to lay it all out.
as life isn't really worth doing at anything less than 112%.

below is everything that consists of my daily make-up routine,
which all in all takes about 25 minutes.
{or one episode of sex & the city, as i like to count time}
i won't even try to tackle skin care because what works on mine,
might not work with yours.
all i can say is ladies,
there is one thing you should never wear to bed,
and that is your makeup!
moving on...

a few things to keep in mind when you see the prices.
remember that you get what you pay for in this life.
you may think you don't, until you realize you do, and then there is no turning back.
the photo above? not a single filter on it.
just good makeup, a shot of great lighting & some cute kitty ears.
but also,
well made product isn't going to run out in a few weeks.
you'll notice that the highlighter i use isn't even made anymore.
why? oh, because i've been workin' on the same compact for a good 5 years now.
while the reality check is that each product isn't going to last you 5 years,
i would say i only makeup shop for the daily necessities about 2-3 times per year.

so now that we are all on the same pretty little page,
this is how we do...

face primer.
{benefit - the porefessional matte rescue, sephora, $28}
i'm a HUGE believer that you can do great makeup from drugstore finds,
as long as you have the right canvas to work with.
if you are on a budget and can only splurge on a few things...don't leave this lady out.
the consistency is of a silicon gel that drys immediately,
and is super light without any stickiness when applied on your face.
i just put a thin coat all over,
making sure to pay special attention to any spots on my face that i know to be particularly oily.

{nars - radiant creamy concealer, nordstrom, $29}
this is another item in your beauty box that i absolutely believe to be well worth the price tag.
i had been using a tarte concealer for a few years that did the trick,
but i wasn't obsessed.
earlier this year my mom's bestie introduced me to this and i have never looked back.
it's cream based, so it glides on smooth without turning cakey as the day goes on.
i apply in a triangle shape under the eye, bringing the point down almost to my nose,
and any other problem areas that need a little extra coverage.
you can find it at sephora, as well, but they are allllwayyyysss sold out of my shade,
so i go visit david at the nordstrom beauty counter instead.

eye primer.
{too faced - shadow insurance, sephora, $20}
okay loves,
i promise this is the second to last of my "if you can't splurge on everything make sure this is included in what you can splurge on" club.
especially because if you aren't wanting to spend a ton of money,
the first place i would cut back is eyeshadow.
but cheap eyeshadow is, well, cheap.
using a good primer is going to really help pop that pigment out of your eyeshadow color,
and lock it in from turning creasy greasy.
{just remember...pop & lock baby!}
swipe a TINY bit of this over your eyelids and blend in.
**ps - note for all my gals with glasses,
if you put a bit of this on the arch of your nose where your glasses sit,
it will keep your foundation from creasing into an imprint when you take them off.


much as i prefer my eyeshadow blended,
i like my eyeshadow brands blended, as well.
for my basic everyday i use:
mac pigment in jardina aires for an all around neutral base. {nordstrom, $22}
urban decay in polyester bride for the inner creases {ulta, $19}
and a blend of stila in mohagony, expresso or ebony to create the outer smokey crease.
{sephora, $18}
again, if you're beautifying on a budget,
this is the place to pick up all your fun finds from the drugstore rather than a department store.

while i mostly live by the beauty trend that real is more,
this doesn't apply to my lashes.
i'm regularly asked where i get my lashes done.
my answer? the beauty aisle at target!
i'm wayyyyy too ocd to do extensions,
i know myself well enough to understand that the second one fell out i would feel the need to get them redone all over again.
and seeing as how mascara is also my plus one on a desert island,
i had to find a different route.
ladies, all your mashy-lash dreams are available to ya for less than $4 a pack.
i use the same lashes for up to 2 weeks,
in fact, the more mascara you have on them the better they blend with your real lashes.
the key to the falsies is putting them on your LASH LINE, not your eyelid.
then you don't feel them tugging at your eyes when you're battin' them for that cute boy across the room.


{rimmel london - scandal eyes liquid liner pen, target, $5.49}
truth: the best eyeliner on the planet is the stila liquid eye-pen.
however, it goes fast & i got tired of purchasing a $20 eye pen every month.
enter my favorite drugstore replacement from rimmel.
a lot of your drugstore eyeliner pens aren't going to give you a really rich color.
{hence why they are cheap}
but this lovely little doodle pen goes on black {not grey} and stays all day long!
i line my eyes over the false lashes,
and then on the inner corner of my bottom eye line.

{maybelline - great lash, target, $4}
this mascara is like a secret family recipe.
it's the first item of makeup i ever owned.
my mother handed it down to me, as her mother handed it down to her.
and guess what? it works!
now, because i use false lashes i really only need a bit of product to blend up my real lashes with the fake ones.
{if you're looking for a great mascara to give lots of volume and length to real lashes,
i would recommend benefit's they're real.}
i also plump up my bottom lashes with this.
after you put however many hundreds of coats you wish,
remember...this gal is my go-to on a desert island,
use an old toothbrush to comb across your lashes to fluff them up & get rid of any clumping. 

{tarte - amazonian clay 12-hour foundation, ulta, $39}
i have probably used every foundation you could ever buy in sephora.
and i could never marry myself to one,
instead i just dated every bottle in the place.
i like a full coverage, while keeping my face moisturized, without being cakey.
easy, right?
about 8 months ago i finally took the blissful plunge with this tarte-alicious product.
because it's thick, a little goes a lonngggg way.
in fact, i'm still using the same tube i bought in march.
that's what we call winning, ladies!

{sephora - 8-hour mattifying compact foundation, sephora, $20}
i like to use a powder to set my foundation.
even though this specific powder is technically a foundational coverage,
i just use a tiny bit to blend everything together nice and pretty.
i love this sephora compact because it not only lasts over 8 hours a day,
the product itself lasts about 8 weeks times 3.
the last time i replaced this little sucker there was snow on the ground, people.

i blend some of my compact powder under my eyes with an eyeshadow brush to really set the concealer and prevent any under eye creasing.
i then take an eyeliner brush and dip it into whatever darker eyeshadow i used to create my smoky eye and blend it into the eyeliner i used on the bottom eyeliner corners.
lastly, i take my urban decay eyeshadow and put just a dab of it into the bottom, inner corner of my eyes to kind of create just a titch of highlight there.

{benefit - hoola matte bronzer, sephora, $15}
to give you all some bang for your buck,
this cutie even comes with a travel sized bronzing brush.
i put this along the bottom of my cheek bones and the outer corners of the bridge of my nose.
contouring isn't my thing,
but even if it is for you - this little magical box is going to be your bff.


{nars - blush in orgasm, sephora, $30}
{tarte - amazonian clay 12-hour blush in exposed, sephora, $28}
okay so i might have fibbed on the contour deal,
i don't contour my face, but i do contour my blush.
in other words - i'm obsessed with those rosy cheeks.
again, if you are on a budget this is a place in which you can really save money.
granted you might go through a cheaper blush faster because it doesn't have that super rich pigmentation, but you can also save about $20 a pop in those drugstore aisles.
is use the tarte on the higher corners of my cheeks, and then blend in the nars closer to my nose.
**ps - my favorite summertime blush is the stila convertible color,
it has GREAT pigmentation, but also gives you a dewy look.
and BONUS, it is a lip gloss too,
hence the name.

{mac - hyper real pressed powder in warm rose, nordstrom, out of market}
i take my highlighter and just put a few dabs on the inner part of my cheek to blend a lighter pink into the nars blush, put a bit along the bridge of my nose, a print of it above my lips and a bit under my brows to create a good line.


{benefit - gimme brow volumizer, sephora, $24}
brows and brows and brows oh my.
in talking to girls, the most common stress in doing makeup is their brows.
so let me say this...
even if you can't splurge on anything else in your beauty bag
{yep, even the primers}
this...and i mean the ONE thing to splurge on!!!!
it is magic in a tiny little tube.
you take the wand and brush it over your brows and i am not even exaggerating,
it creates the best eyebrows you've ever had, girl.
my gal-pal emilie recommended this to me and what once was the most stressful part of the daily routine, is now easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

pps - if you have any beauty buys you can't live without,
send them my way.
us girls gotta stick together!

Friday, August 26, 2016

i'd make them all clint eastwood.

maybe it's the fact that mom & moi spent a good 10 minutes
talking about him the other day on the phone,
or maybe it's that his son's snap-chat stories have seriously given me life this week.
either way, i am on a clint eastwood kick these days.

now you may not know this about me,
 but i am an eastwood fan girl.
old movies? check.
directorial films? check.
that smolder? check, check.
would go on a date with his son in a heartbeat? check, check, check.
in fact, the more i do date in this world,
the more i realize they really just don't make 'em like that, anymore.

thankfully, this most recent kick has lead me back 
to one of my all time fav summa-time jams from thee ever fabulous,
mrs. jessie james decker.
appropriately titled...clint eastwood.
she captures the essence of every eastwood fan girl's reasoning so perfectly.
"only talks when he's got something' to say,
the way he stares me down says 'make my day'."
all the yesses girl,
all. the. yesses.

i was introduced to her years back,
before she was a decker, and just a jessica james.
a gal pal gave me a playlist of music after a particularly awful heartbreak,
with her song, i look so good without you, on it.
{google it. lather, rinse, repeat.}
if you follow her on any sort of social media, you are well aware of:
how hot her husband is,
{love how ever since they got married, 
he is the only love interest she will cast in her music videos}
how adorable their children are,
and just how really real she keeps it.
{the post where she called out the snitty lady at the country club was STELLAR}
all southern class and sass.
i mean, she almost has me wanting to be a jets fan.
but not really.
said with a tiny bit of disdain because...
jay cutler.
insert eye roll emoji right here, please.

a moment of silence for that romper though, right?!?!

so now ladies,
crack open that diet coke,
roll those sun roofs open, 
go 5 over the speed limit on the freeway,
and turn this up full blast.
i promise it will give you that scott-eastwood-on-the-snapchat-sorta-life feels.

and while your very own clint may still seem 
a bit like the man with no name these days,
here's a fri-yay cheers to finding him.
because he's out there.
promise, promise.

Friday, August 19, 2016

hello, harley.

it's not just a holiday in my family.
it's a life event that happens to occur on the same day, 
on a yearly basis.
which means picking my halloween costume is like,
 in the sportscenter top 10 reel of my life every 365 days.

while my heart is forever with kp,
from cupcakes to tigers, i've done every sugar-coated, katy perry look possible.
{so let's get some new looks here gurl, okay}

so after too much thought and consideration,
i decided to be my other queen, mrs. carrie bradshaw.
like most suggested, 
it was almost disappointing i hadn't been her yet 5 years in a row, 
let alone for only one.
and bonus, it involved a tutu.
and y'all KNOW how i love a good tutu.

but then the other night my brazillian amazon of a galpal, carol, 
went con mi to see suicide squad.
{which is a blast and half, in case you decided to listen to cranky critics and stay away}
and there it suddenly was on a 7 foot screen in front of me...
dr. harleen quizel.
aka: harley quinn.
aka: this year's halloween costume.
{with mom's rule that my shorts can't ride up my back-side}
{i may be 29, but you ALWAYS follow mom's rules}

call it the repercussions of growing up in a household with all brothers,
or call it just me, 
but whatever the reason may be...
i'm a sucker for those super heroes.
and while harley is more a super hero for the wrong team,
{i think some would call her a villain}
girlfriend's pigtails are poppin',
and i, clearly, need in on that fun.

happy haunting, loves.

ps: the great news about bradshaw is she never goes out of style,
and the greater news about halloween is,
it rolls around so dependably every year.
which means that pink tutu will come out to play.

{title photo art by inslee hayes}

Monday, August 1, 2016

currently listening: maren morris

i'm an old fashioned gal who tends to be skeptical of female country artists not named 
dolly, june, loretta, shania, martina, kacey or carrie.
have y'all heard maren morris' not-new-anymore album, hero?
it has quickly become thee barbie jeep's summer soundtrack
{cue 80's mercedes & crank that dial up}
with no sign of being replaced anytime soon.
she also has me vibing to chop my hair & twist it back to being a brunette,
but that's a story for another day.

if you aren't in the market for a new album in its entirety,
might i suggest my church, i could use a love song, drunk girls don't cry and 80's mercedes,
as the best at the buffet of this record.
but then again,
just buy the whole thing - you won't be disappointed.

and if you happen to be watching mr. nicole kidman on tour this summer,
you get the treat of seeing her open for him.

happy listening loves!