Thursday, July 28, 2016

welcome to new york.

back when i wasn't paying exorbitant amounts of money in rent every month,
i would spend any spare penny i had on trips to nyc.
most people go to an island to "get away",
i'm of the type that goes to a loud, noisy city,
and falls in love with my life all over again.

i always tell people that whenever i'm in nyc,
 i feel like the best and truest version of myself.
like the city is a piece of who i've always wanted to be.

during one of my trips,
 as i was taking a cab into the city from the airport,
i got to talking to my driver,
{it's my firm belief nyc cab drivers give the best life advice}
when he asked me the purpose of my visit.
i told him that new york was only the love of my life,
and i was in town for a few days to say hello,
pay my respects,
and dream of my one-day-future there.
he giggled a bit and said,
you wouldn't only make it in this city,
a girl like you would thrive.
{only furthering my knowledge that even if i have to be buried in that city,
i will, in fact, live there one day.}

after the stress of this summer,
due to a little thing called........LIFE,
i've been needing a little r&r in my lovely city more than ever,
without the time to physically go there.
{being an adult is tough.stuff, guys}
so i've resorted to the next best thing,
creating a tiny bit of nyc right where i am.
aka: sex & the city, gossip girl, late night city walks,
and a nyc sound app to fall asleep to at night
{even downtown slc is as silent as a church at 12am, oye!}

and while it's certainly not the perfection of the real thing,
after a month of immersion therapy
{aka: marathons  upon marathons of said tv shows & lots of walks}
i'm finally feeling my need to thrive again.
with a few re-defined touches.
but isn't that what progress is about, anyway?

salt lake i like you,
but new york, i will always love you.
gossip girl.