Wednesday, June 8, 2016

thee best friend's wedding.

bride + moh.

uncle brad {florist to the stars...ahem} is a certified peony whisperer.
and if that's not a real thing guys, i'm making it a real thing.

thee last single girl sleepover.
muskateering since 1998.

groom's wedding day gift,
thee look of louboutin.

after the stress of getting her into the dress,
{who knew after 18 years you could reach a new level of bff-ness,
but we did. oye!}
she looked like a real princess.
i cried.

basically spent the whole day asking myself,
what would pippa do?
because...#maidofhonor goals

mr + mrs ramirez.

thee newlyweds.
{but can we also have a moment of silence for my train fluffing skills?}

speech prep.

thee fashion was e! red carpet worthy.

 ever, ever after.

growing up, i always begged my parents for a sister.
and once my little brother was born and my parents broke the news i would not be getting a sister,
i took my request to God.
i remember spending more than a few nights asking Him for this sister i just knew i needed.
but as with most things in life, 
He had something better in store for me.
{funny how that always works, huh?}

in jr. high my path first crossed with a girl named karla almazan.
by 9th grade, we had both made the high school dance team,
and were put next to each other in our performance lines.
i couldn't even tell you what our first conversation was about,
although knowing karla it had something to do with justin timberlake,
but it just clicked.
and we have never looked back.

through the years she has laughed with me,
taught me about true forgiveness, 
has always exemplified genuine kindness and courage
and has never given up on us.
she knows me better than anyone else on this earth.

she has, in every sense of the word, been the sister i spent so many childhood nights praying for.

now, he probably doesn't remember,
but i met justin for the first time at a church halloween party karla had asked me to help her out with.
and as most girl talk usually goes,
i remember after he passed by our car for the "trunk or treat",
i immediately turned to her and said,
girl, you should marry him.
{i mean who needs dating when we can clearly just skip to marriage, right?}

as the years passed on, 
i continued to ask her about the boy from church,
constantly teasing, 
but always secretly hoping their lives would cross again for good.

and then one night at dinner,
karla announced she had started spending time with someone new.
a someone new who was none other than the boy from church.
and although i don't know if you can truly predict two people ending up together from the start,
it has always seemed like something so magically unpredictable, yet incredibly fated...
like all the best love stories are.

they often say no one will ever be good enough for those dearest to you in life.
well, no offense to whomever they may be,
but i will have to disagree.
because today my best friend married a man who is not only smart enough to be 
a blackhawks and a cubs fan,
but who is the kind of man that shows up at your house the night before you move out of state to help your dad load your furniture into the car.
he's the kind of man who call you at 7am one morning to tell you he's proposing to your best friend.
and because he knows you can't be there to celebrate with them,
he walks you through all the details of what he has planned so you can share a tiny piece of that moment in time with them.

he is a good man with an honest and kind heart,
and i couldn't have picked someone better myself to walk beside my best friend from this moment on.

so join with me in toasting to two of the best people i have ever been honored to call mine.
a cheers to love, laughter,
and the beginning of your happily ever after.


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