Sunday, June 19, 2016

maybe this is heaven.

when i was younger,
one of my favorite things to do was come home from church and
watch field of dreams with my dad.
it's his favorite movie of all time.
{can anyone get through the above clip without sobbing?}
and with a childhood full of memories in which he shared in the things i love,
braiding my hair for school picture day, 
taking me to buy christmas gifts every year for my friends at macy's, 
that little mermaid paint-by-number set he bought me at the dollar store,
{that he probably forgot about}
the piano lessons, 
and the countless daddy/daughter dates...
i think i love this memory the most,
 because it was sharing something with him that he loves.

one year during our family vacation, cross country, road trip
{but really, we should've had a reality show, people}
we ventured off course one afternoon to go visit the real
field of dreams in dyersville, iowa.
now, we have to give credit where credit is due and mention my mother
was actually the one who convinced us to go there.
{because when i say "ventured off course" i's wayyyyy out there}
we ran through the cornfields and watched baseball on the field and counted the cars as they came rolling down the road...
just like the movie.

and thus was the essence of my childhood,
two parents who raised us in a home where
making your dreams your reality seemed to be the only way of living.

many people on this earth have great parents.
i will, thankfully, not dispute that fact.
but there is something about my father that sets him into a league of his own.
he taught me to be fearless, but faithful.
he has never failed to lead our family through obedience to our Father in Heaven.
he is the essence of humility and kindness.
he is an eternal optimist.
he is the greatest defender of my dreams.
he loves my mother.
he is always aware of the one that may seem left behind.
he is hilarious.
he believes in the good in humanity.
and he is my greatest example of Christ-like love.

but also,
let's not forget that he takes us to katy perry concerts, too.
{y'all should see his firework fist pump}

dear dad:
thank you.
thank you for giving me a world that truly is heaven on earth.

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