Friday, June 24, 2016

flashback friday: those broadway lights.

 thee past 48 hours have been a bit crazy-craz with work.
i had a few lofty goals i set for myself on monday,
and my competitive spirit be damned if i don't accomplish such things.
which means, i have spent majority of these past 48 in my chair, 
at my desk, 
staring out at the world below my window and a little thing called freedom.

when i need to buckle down,
music is my concentration.
one of the greatest things about working from home is the ability to blast said music 
without any co-worker annoyances.
my particular soundtrack of the week has been evita.
not just my favorite musical of all time but,
my. favorite. musical. of. all. time.
{and yes, i've seen wicked. three times actually.}

which brought me back to the night thee older bro & moi went to see it
in none other than the grand lights of new york city's broadway.

now i admit, 
i went into the evening predominately excited about seeing ricky martin as che.
{a girl isn't gonna lie here}
and a little concerned because i had heard thoughts about 
the gal chosen to play eva in the broadway revival.
{a little screamy...oops}
but wouldn't ya know, as if my angel grandmother herself made it happen
{i come from a blood line of evita lovers}
we got the understudy for eva that night, 
and there was absolutely nothing under about her.
more than just a little touch of star quality..
she killed it.
and ricky wasn't too bad either.

i'll always remember right after the first act,
which ends in the show-stopping a new argentina,
my brother turned to me and all he could say was,
this is the best thing i've ever seen in my life.
{a hefty statement, between the 2 of us we have seen A LOT of shows}

don't cry for me argentina was enough to actually make me cry for it.
{was it the song? was it that dress? who actually knows?}
and after all the rest of the shows we saw during the trip,
including the critically acclaimed newsies,
we just kept saying,
eh, it's good. but NOT evita good.
{sorry, disney}

helllooooo, buenos aires.

{ps, on a major side note - i've been fiercely missing that dark hair lately!}

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