Friday, June 10, 2016

flashback friday: daisy dukes & bikini tops.

interestingly enough,
when people first meet me they tend to think i am from the south.
i mean, i wear a lot of dresses and curls and pearls but,
i am, in fact, this makes very little sense to me.
however, they aren't too surprised to discover i am none other than a
california gurl.
the {fake} platinum blonde seems to help with that.

as it is now the beginning of summer,
i find it difficult not to turn this jam up everytime i hit the road.
and honestly,
in recent years has a more fun music video been made?
the answer is no.

so to celebrate my homegrown roots,
and the season of bedazzled daisy dukes & bikini tops,
i present to you a little flashback friday to get you in a sunshine & cotton candy cloud mood.
{but also, i need that girl scout uniform & cookie hat.}
because i would boldly predict it's impossible to watch the entirety of this video
and NOT crack even the slightest smile.
sweet california dreams!

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