Thursday, June 2, 2016

coming soon.

so many amazing things have happened in the past few weeks,
i wake up exhausted every morning,
but in that really, really good way.
i don't know how many times i can say i feel like thee luckiest girl in the world,
but i honestly & truly do.
i feel like i have finally hit my stride here in slc,
which only took like...a year and a half...
{insert wide eyed emoji here}

which means i have some FUN for your sunny june comin' atcha:
recap of thee best friends wedding.
{there are no words to describe its perfection, but i'm gonna try}
my niece, poppy mae, finally graced us with her highness-ness.
{she's thee most gorgeous baby ever, not even biased here}
celebratory post of a vip bestie bday
{not to mention, she is crushing the whole mommy-to-be thing}
fav gal renee requested a make-up info post.
{ages ago, better late than never?}
fun things to do in thee city this summahhhhh
{mainly this is a pep-talk to me}
and much, much, much more.

hope your june has kicked off to a sunny start.

{photo courtesy of pinterest}

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