Saturday, June 11, 2016

cinderella in thee city.

from the second lily james waltzed down those palace steps toward the prince last summer,
i knew my yearly routine of KP costumes during halloween was going to need to be put on hold,
and i needed a dress of my own.

as someone who doesn't believe in doing anything unless you go big
{going home is never an option}
i had my cinderella ballgown made in china,
hand sewed 50 butterflies,
and glued 300 swarovski crystals,
all to make my wishing heart dreams come true.

once it was time to retire the jack-o-lanterns,
and bring out the thankful pumpkins,
i neatly placed my dress to hang in thee laundry room,
not only because there was no room in the inn,
{aka: the other 4 closets in my house}
but more importantly,
a dress like that deserves daily adoration.
{or something like that...}
all the while i was basically just waiting for the day 
a friend would invite me over to watch a movie and tell me i could wear my dress.

well, that invitation never came.
however, an even better one did.

my darling friend who runs the ohana center for adults with special needs
messaged me a couple months ago telling me about everyone at ohana's
{very well justified} 
obsession with disney princesses.
more specifically, lily james' cinderella.
she asked if i would be interested in visiting ohana.
or, more specifically, if cinderella would be interested.

of course, i jumped at the chance!
and i'm so excited to announce we finally have a date on the calendar for a 
special tea party with cinderella!
i guess i have to practice my pinky etiquette.


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