Friday, June 24, 2016

flashback friday: those broadway lights.

 thee past 48 hours have been a bit crazy-craz with work.
i had a few lofty goals i set for myself on monday,
and my competitive spirit be damned if i don't accomplish such things.
which means, i have spent majority of these past 48 in my chair, 
at my desk, 
staring out at the world below my window and a little thing called freedom.

when i need to buckle down,
music is my concentration.
one of the greatest things about working from home is the ability to blast said music 
without any co-worker annoyances.
my particular soundtrack of the week has been evita.
not just my favorite musical of all time but,
my. favorite. musical. of. all. time.
{and yes, i've seen wicked. three times actually.}

which brought me back to the night thee older bro & moi went to see it
in none other than the grand lights of new york city's broadway.

now i admit, 
i went into the evening predominately excited about seeing ricky martin as che.
{a girl isn't gonna lie here}
and a little concerned because i had heard thoughts about 
the gal chosen to play eva in the broadway revival.
{a little screamy...oops}
but wouldn't ya know, as if my angel grandmother herself made it happen
{i come from a blood line of evita lovers}
we got the understudy for eva that night, 
and there was absolutely nothing under about her.
more than just a little touch of star quality..
she killed it.
and ricky wasn't too bad either.

i'll always remember right after the first act,
which ends in the show-stopping a new argentina,
my brother turned to me and all he could say was,
this is the best thing i've ever seen in my life.
{a hefty statement, between the 2 of us we have seen A LOT of shows}

don't cry for me argentina was enough to actually make me cry for it.
{was it the song? was it that dress? who actually knows?}
and after all the rest of the shows we saw during the trip,
including the critically acclaimed newsies,
we just kept saying,
eh, it's good. but NOT evita good.
{sorry, disney}

helllooooo, buenos aires.

{ps, on a major side note - i've been fiercely missing that dark hair lately!}

Sunday, June 19, 2016

maybe this is heaven.

when i was younger,
one of my favorite things to do was come home from church and
watch field of dreams with my dad.
it's his favorite movie of all time.
{can anyone get through the above clip without sobbing?}
and with a childhood full of memories in which he shared in the things i love,
braiding my hair for school picture day, 
taking me to buy christmas gifts every year for my friends at macy's, 
that little mermaid paint-by-number set he bought me at the dollar store,
{that he probably forgot about}
the piano lessons, 
and the countless daddy/daughter dates...
i think i love this memory the most,
 because it was sharing something with him that he loves.

one year during our family vacation, cross country, road trip
{but really, we should've had a reality show, people}
we ventured off course one afternoon to go visit the real
field of dreams in dyersville, iowa.
now, we have to give credit where credit is due and mention my mother
was actually the one who convinced us to go there.
{because when i say "ventured off course" i's wayyyyy out there}
we ran through the cornfields and watched baseball on the field and counted the cars as they came rolling down the road...
just like the movie.

and thus was the essence of my childhood,
two parents who raised us in a home where
making your dreams your reality seemed to be the only way of living.

many people on this earth have great parents.
i will, thankfully, not dispute that fact.
but there is something about my father that sets him into a league of his own.
he taught me to be fearless, but faithful.
he has never failed to lead our family through obedience to our Father in Heaven.
he is the essence of humility and kindness.
he is an eternal optimist.
he is the greatest defender of my dreams.
he loves my mother.
he is always aware of the one that may seem left behind.
he is hilarious.
he believes in the good in humanity.
and he is my greatest example of Christ-like love.

but also,
let's not forget that he takes us to katy perry concerts, too.
{y'all should see his firework fist pump}

dear dad:
thank you.
thank you for giving me a world that truly is heaven on earth.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

just keep swimming.

i have previously stated on an occasion or two why i very rarely get religious on here.
my religion is an incredibly important and sacred facet to my life,
and it is not, nor will it ever be, up for group/blog discussion.

this sunday morning went a little differently than the rest.
i was up and down all night feeling like i suddenly had to solve all the problems in my life.
why 4:12 in the morning always seems like the necessary time to do these things,
i will never know,
but it ALWAYS seems to rock that way, am i right?
so after finally falling to sleep, 
my 7:15am church alarm went off and i woke up in a not so great mood.
to no surprise of anyone,
i hadn't solved the world's problems overnight,
and i just felt off.
the kind of off where the weight of the world suddenly seems to come crashing down on my, 
very sore from yesterday's workout, shoulders...
i missed my family,
i missed my friends,
i felt lonely and frustrated and just plain blah.
after rolling around in bed for a solid 15 minutes trying everything in me to shake the feeling,
i decided to stay home from church and do some personal studying of my own.
{for the record, this post is not an advocation for skipping church}
{hold back the pitchforks, folks}

after a while of studying i was able to realize that the basis of my over-night-frenzy was not actually my inability to discover world peace,
but my inability to find personal peace through my recent impatience with God.

in this life i have almost certainly mastered the art of asking for what i want,
i, however, have in no way, shape, nor form,
mastered the art of patiently waiting for things to fall into place when they are best for me.
i can be molasses pace patient with people,
but i'm as quick as a racer with myself.

{in fact, as i sat down to write this post, sam hunt's take your time, came on the radio}
{okay Lord, point taken}

so while i was cooking breakfast i turned on this talk that president dieter f. uchtdorf,
{one of the apostles in our church}
gave a few years back titled:
continue in patience

i know many of you lovelies here are not religious in my specific way,
or perhaps not so religious at all.
however, one of my favorite things about this talk is that it encompasses everyone,
from any belief or background.
because it doesn't matter where your faith lies,
we all experience times in our lives where we persist and move forward,
and yet it still seems nothing is falling into place as we see it would be best.

my favorite part of the discussion is when he talks about this exact feeling,
explaining that if we continue to persist with courage, grace and faith,
we will once day look back from the mountain we built through our persistence,
and realize the effort encompassed in that accomplishment is what made us into 
who we wanted to be all along.

so just in case you are having a day as well,
and didn't manage to discover world peace either,
take a listen...
i assure you the world peace will not come,
but the personal peace will.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

cinderella in thee city.

from the second lily james waltzed down those palace steps toward the prince last summer,
i knew my yearly routine of KP costumes during halloween was going to need to be put on hold,
and i needed a dress of my own.

as someone who doesn't believe in doing anything unless you go big
{going home is never an option}
i had my cinderella ballgown made in china,
hand sewed 50 butterflies,
and glued 300 swarovski crystals,
all to make my wishing heart dreams come true.

once it was time to retire the jack-o-lanterns,
and bring out the thankful pumpkins,
i neatly placed my dress to hang in thee laundry room,
not only because there was no room in the inn,
{aka: the other 4 closets in my house}
but more importantly,
a dress like that deserves daily adoration.
{or something like that...}
all the while i was basically just waiting for the day 
a friend would invite me over to watch a movie and tell me i could wear my dress.

well, that invitation never came.
however, an even better one did.

my darling friend who runs the ohana center for adults with special needs
messaged me a couple months ago telling me about everyone at ohana's
{very well justified} 
obsession with disney princesses.
more specifically, lily james' cinderella.
she asked if i would be interested in visiting ohana.
or, more specifically, if cinderella would be interested.

of course, i jumped at the chance!
and i'm so excited to announce we finally have a date on the calendar for a 
special tea party with cinderella!
i guess i have to practice my pinky etiquette.


Friday, June 10, 2016

flashback friday: daisy dukes & bikini tops.

interestingly enough,
when people first meet me they tend to think i am from the south.
i mean, i wear a lot of dresses and curls and pearls but,
i am, in fact, this makes very little sense to me.
however, they aren't too surprised to discover i am none other than a
california gurl.
the {fake} platinum blonde seems to help with that.

as it is now the beginning of summer,
i find it difficult not to turn this jam up everytime i hit the road.
and honestly,
in recent years has a more fun music video been made?
the answer is no.

so to celebrate my homegrown roots,
and the season of bedazzled daisy dukes & bikini tops,
i present to you a little flashback friday to get you in a sunshine & cotton candy cloud mood.
{but also, i need that girl scout uniform & cookie hat.}
because i would boldly predict it's impossible to watch the entirety of this video
and NOT crack even the slightest smile.
sweet california dreams!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

when you meet your aidan.

i've always thought carrie bradshaw was a bit of an idiot for not choosing aidan,
i mean, can i get an amen?
{if you're currently amen'ing, read this article by buzz-feed}

he was perfect.
handsome and kind and funny and he loved every bit of her crazy.
he was the calm to her frenzy,
the assurance to her doubt,
the kindness to her selfish,
the low to her high maintenance,
etc, etc, etc.
and let's not forget about the time he took the oath of secrecy to miranda's pregnancy,
by swearing on carrie's chanel sweater...WITHOUT EVEN LAUGHING AT HER!

he was perfect for the 5 million women who watched that show every sunday night,
but he wasn't perfect for her.
which, as was most of the reason we all fell in love with that show,
brought up an interesting concept about dating and love.
can someone be a truly great man, but not the right fit?
while the literal definition of human perfection is not attainable,
{ladies, read that last sentence a few times, k?}
many might believe that if someone is a good person, this means they fit.
whether it be a fear that no one else will love you again,
or of being alone,
or finding peace with good not great,
i don't know, exactly.
and for some i am sure that does work.
but not me.
it's a facet to the battlefield of love i never fully comprehended until i met my own aidan.
and at the end of it,
there were two broken hearts at my table.

it was fast and furious.
you meet someone and the connection is there.
and your differences scare you, 
but the way your souls collide makes it impossible to walk away.
and he isn't just good,
he's a perfect puzzle piece.
and there are three word sentences traded back and forth,
and talks of a white dress and lifetimes spent together.
but then that enemy named reality comes knocking at your door.
and you begin to realize if love was really all it took to make something move forward,
there would be a lot less heartache in this world.

not to throw the beatles under a bus here but,
love is not all you need.

and he would probably say his heartache was more so than mine,
because i was the one who did the breaking.
i held his heart in my hands and gave it back.
but he held mine in his,
and i had to take mine back,
without any prompting other than deep down knowing it wasn't right.
a seemingly impossible task when there was no anger, no place to put any blame,
just life getting in the way of love.
the realization that the seemingly perfect piece to the puzzle,
is not the perfect fit.

you move forward and you move on,
because time is a fabulous friend like that.
and it helps you become a little bit softer to those in your past who hurt you,
because you understand it's not always a malicious action, just the right one.
but it also helps you realize,
you truly are the person that refuses to settle for anything less,
than the right butterflies.


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

thee best friend's wedding.

bride + moh.

uncle brad {florist to the stars...ahem} is a certified peony whisperer.
and if that's not a real thing guys, i'm making it a real thing.

thee last single girl sleepover.
muskateering since 1998.

groom's wedding day gift,
thee look of louboutin.

after the stress of getting her into the dress,
{who knew after 18 years you could reach a new level of bff-ness,
but we did. oye!}
she looked like a real princess.
i cried.

basically spent the whole day asking myself,
what would pippa do?
because...#maidofhonor goals

mr + mrs ramirez.

thee newlyweds.
{but can we also have a moment of silence for my train fluffing skills?}

speech prep.

thee fashion was e! red carpet worthy.

 ever, ever after.

growing up, i always begged my parents for a sister.
and once my little brother was born and my parents broke the news i would not be getting a sister,
i took my request to God.
i remember spending more than a few nights asking Him for this sister i just knew i needed.
but as with most things in life, 
He had something better in store for me.
{funny how that always works, huh?}

in jr. high my path first crossed with a girl named karla almazan.
by 9th grade, we had both made the high school dance team,
and were put next to each other in our performance lines.
i couldn't even tell you what our first conversation was about,
although knowing karla it had something to do with justin timberlake,
but it just clicked.
and we have never looked back.

through the years she has laughed with me,
taught me about true forgiveness, 
has always exemplified genuine kindness and courage
and has never given up on us.
she knows me better than anyone else on this earth.

she has, in every sense of the word, been the sister i spent so many childhood nights praying for.

now, he probably doesn't remember,
but i met justin for the first time at a church halloween party karla had asked me to help her out with.
and as most girl talk usually goes,
i remember after he passed by our car for the "trunk or treat",
i immediately turned to her and said,
girl, you should marry him.
{i mean who needs dating when we can clearly just skip to marriage, right?}

as the years passed on, 
i continued to ask her about the boy from church,
constantly teasing, 
but always secretly hoping their lives would cross again for good.

and then one night at dinner,
karla announced she had started spending time with someone new.
a someone new who was none other than the boy from church.
and although i don't know if you can truly predict two people ending up together from the start,
it has always seemed like something so magically unpredictable, yet incredibly fated...
like all the best love stories are.

they often say no one will ever be good enough for those dearest to you in life.
well, no offense to whomever they may be,
but i will have to disagree.
because today my best friend married a man who is not only smart enough to be 
a blackhawks and a cubs fan,
but who is the kind of man that shows up at your house the night before you move out of state to help your dad load your furniture into the car.
he's the kind of man who call you at 7am one morning to tell you he's proposing to your best friend.
and because he knows you can't be there to celebrate with them,
he walks you through all the details of what he has planned so you can share a tiny piece of that moment in time with them.

he is a good man with an honest and kind heart,
and i couldn't have picked someone better myself to walk beside my best friend from this moment on.

so join with me in toasting to two of the best people i have ever been honored to call mine.
a cheers to love, laughter,
and the beginning of your happily ever after.


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

welcome, poppy mae.


this gal decided she wasn't going to be left out of the fun of her auntie karla's wedding weekend, 
making her grand entrance early on memorial day morning.

now, don't get me wrong...
all babies are a gift from God and blah blah blah blah.
truly, they are.
but i tend to not think they are super cute right off the bat.
they are squishy and a bit like tiny aliens and i know y'all are totally judging me right now.
i'm sure this will change if i ever have kids of my own,
but for now, i'm just keepin' it real.

however, THIS GIRL has got to be thee prettiest little lady i have ever seen.
really no surprise considering my sissy-in-law is a knockout,
but seriously, 
she's perfect.
it took me about 2.1 seconds to be completely smitten with her.
my only regret, really, is that she doesn't have a blackhawks jersey...

welcome to the wonder, poppy mae.
this life is a pretty great thing.

{ps - for more pictures, because i'm just assuming everyone is as obsessed with my niece as moi,
and so you can witness how many shoes she already has,
hop on over to thee fabulous kellie nicole's website}

Saturday, June 4, 2016

currently listening: mayday.

i cannot get over how much i love this song.
{nor my mayjahhh carrie bradshaw, season 5 of satc hair envy}
i cleaned my house this morning,
and not that it's a big house or anything,
but must have listened to this on repeat atleast 52.5 times.
the tune is impeccable.
her vocals are close to angelic.
and i find it hard to believe there is someone out there
who can't relate to a message of being with someone you can't stay with,
but don't know how to leave.

so if you're looking for something to download this summah,
i highly suggest you coin your $1.29 on this lovely.
heck, spend a little more and get the whole album.
{untamed: cam}
she does not disappoint.


Friday, June 3, 2016

donut you know...'s national donut day!
there are very few things i love more in this world than a donut.
okay, maybe that's a bit dramatic,
but you understand what i'm tryin' to get at here.

bottom line:
this is a huge holiday.
and i hope you have celebrated accordingly.


Thursday, June 2, 2016

coming soon.

so many amazing things have happened in the past few weeks,
i wake up exhausted every morning,
but in that really, really good way.
i don't know how many times i can say i feel like thee luckiest girl in the world,
but i honestly & truly do.
i feel like i have finally hit my stride here in slc,
which only took like...a year and a half...
{insert wide eyed emoji here}

which means i have some FUN for your sunny june comin' atcha:
recap of thee best friends wedding.
{there are no words to describe its perfection, but i'm gonna try}
my niece, poppy mae, finally graced us with her highness-ness.
{she's thee most gorgeous baby ever, not even biased here}
celebratory post of a vip bestie bday
{not to mention, she is crushing the whole mommy-to-be thing}
fav gal renee requested a make-up info post.
{ages ago, better late than never?}
fun things to do in thee city this summahhhhh
{mainly this is a pep-talk to me}
and much, much, much more.

hope your june has kicked off to a sunny start.

{photo courtesy of pinterest}

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

rabbit, rabbit.

welcome, june.

{photo courtesy of pinterest}