Saturday, May 21, 2016

we're all pageant material.

given who y'all know me to be
{the higher the hair the closer to heaven}
the above collage of my favorite country gal pal seems like the only fitting way to celebrate the fact that miss kacey musgraves is finally headed to SLC this summahhhhh,
and none other than moi & bestie gracie are ready to hitch up our bedazzled cow-gal boots 
and spend the night singing at the tippy tops of our lungs.
even the title of the tour gives me butterflies...

but really,
i have waited AGES for me and this lady to be in the same spot.
i practically jumped out of my skin when i saw the tour date announcement.
i've loved her since the beginning.
she's a little bit katy, a little bit dolly, a little bit loretta,
and a whole lotta kacey.

now the only thing left to wonder is,
what should i wear?

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