Tuesday, May 3, 2016

thee first monday in may.

side note:
if you live in a place that is showing the movie referenced in the above title post,
i'm jealous.
salt lake is so behind the times on 99% of life,
we need a new phrase for behind the times.
luckily, we still have internet in these parts,
which means i was constantly refreshing my #metball2016 instagram feed last night to devour all the looks.

a few general thoughts on the night:
-i hated the theme.
{fashion in the age of technology? hi, my name is...no}
-i miss the days where everyone wore these huge couture ball gowns to this thing and it was, in fact, thee most elegant night of the year.
-yep, even i can admit it, taylor swift looked awful and not even my deep & sincere love for her can save that.
-black lipstick needs to die

favorite snapchat accounts of the night...
kate hudson
watching homegirl have to drive to the ball in a bus,
literally a BUS,
because she couldn't sit down in her dress was second to none.

karlie kloss
i wanted one of those iPhone cookies she was devouring
also, if you follow her on snap you witnessed them CUTTING her dress before the after party to make it cocktail length and i was like, "WHAT?!?!?!"

kerry washington
while her look might not have been my favorite kerry moment of all time,
her account was poppin' with dance floor snaps and only reaffirmed my knowledge that i would actually like to be her best friend.

ivanka trump
her little girl wanted to get dressed up, too,
so she helped her pick out a fancy dress and my heart simultaneously melted.

now for the fashionnnnnnnnnn,
with our top 5 looks of the night...

claire danes in zac posen

modern day cinderella.
i read an article last night that put it so perfectly:
this dress is the fashion moment of the year.
**drops mic**

blake lively in burberry

mrs. reynolds needs to start teaching a class called: how pregnant women should dress.
let's also talk about how each of those flowers was hand sewn onto the gown.

nina dobrev in marchesa

while i may never fully forgive her for leaving the vampire diaries,
this dress definitely puts her back in my good graces.
while most of the gals her age on the carpet last night went for a more robot/tin foil look,
i applaud her for bringing the class.
my usual rule of thumb is: your dress shouldn't be able to channel HBO.
{ahem, tay tay}

sarah jessica parker in monse

seriously, does she get anymore cool?
always the fashion forward,
{and certainly channeling her inner carrie bradshaw, might i add}
sjp made her "Hamilton" fangirl status official on fashion's biggest night.
the cameo, the sleeves, the shoes?
america is proud, girl.

zoe saldana in dolce & gabbana

that train.
the end.

honorable mention: 
orlando bloom's tamagotchi boutinere
the fact that KP had a matching one on her belt
only made me swoon even more.

until next year,

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