Tuesday, May 24, 2016


currently calling out to all fabulous writers out there,
who would like to pen a beyond fabulous maid of honor toast,
and then let me call it my own.

needless to say i am terrified.
which doesn't happen very often.
i am a semi-decent public speaker,
{i mean, i can make 'em laugh & cry with the best of 'em.}
and i clearly don't have too much of a problem with words.
{for better or worse...}

but how do you appropriately honor one of the most important people in your life?
it's like everytime i think i have something,
i run through with that thought until the end and realize it's not good enough.
i don't care what anyone else in that room thinks,
{i'm banking on most of them being drunk - pretty please?}
but i do want it to mean something to her and him.
to do just a smudge of justice to how much they mean to me.
hence, thee case of writer's block to end all writer's block.

so i'm gonna go have another diet coke now,
and continue to stare down at the paper.
at least the stationary is cute.

{photo courtesy of pinterest}

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