Tuesday, May 24, 2016


currently calling out to all fabulous writers out there,
who would like to pen a beyond fabulous maid of honor toast,
and then let me call it my own.

needless to say i am terrified.
which doesn't happen very often.
i am a semi-decent public speaker,
{i mean, i can make 'em laugh & cry with the best of 'em.}
and i clearly don't have too much of a problem with words.
{for better or worse...}

but how do you appropriately honor one of the most important people in your life?
it's like everytime i think i have something,
i run through with that thought until the end and realize it's not good enough.
i don't care what anyone else in that room thinks,
{i'm banking on most of them being drunk - pretty please?}
but i do want it to mean something to her and him.
to do just a smudge of justice to how much they mean to me.
hence, thee case of writer's block to end all writer's block.

so i'm gonna go have another diet coke now,
and continue to stare down at the paper.
at least the stationary is cute.

{photo courtesy of pinterest}

Saturday, May 21, 2016

we're all pageant material.

given who y'all know me to be
{the higher the hair the closer to heaven}
the above collage of my favorite country gal pal seems like the only fitting way to celebrate the fact that miss kacey musgraves is finally headed to SLC this summahhhhh,
and none other than moi & bestie gracie are ready to hitch up our bedazzled cow-gal boots 
and spend the night singing at the tippy tops of our lungs.
even the title of the tour gives me butterflies...

but really,
i have waited AGES for me and this lady to be in the same spot.
i practically jumped out of my skin when i saw the tour date announcement.
i've loved her since the beginning.
she's a little bit katy, a little bit dolly, a little bit loretta,
and a whole lotta kacey.

now the only thing left to wonder is,
what should i wear?

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

thee first monday in may.

side note:
if you live in a place that is showing the movie referenced in the above title post,
i'm jealous.
salt lake is so behind the times on 99% of life,
we need a new phrase for behind the times.
luckily, we still have internet in these parts,
which means i was constantly refreshing my #metball2016 instagram feed last night to devour all the looks.

a few general thoughts on the night:
-i hated the theme.
{fashion in the age of technology? hi, my name is...no}
-i miss the days where everyone wore these huge couture ball gowns to this thing and it was, in fact, thee most elegant night of the year.
-yep, even i can admit it, taylor swift looked awful and not even my deep & sincere love for her can save that.
-black lipstick needs to die

favorite snapchat accounts of the night...
kate hudson
watching homegirl have to drive to the ball in a bus,
literally a BUS,
because she couldn't sit down in her dress was second to none.

karlie kloss
i wanted one of those iPhone cookies she was devouring
also, if you follow her on snap you witnessed them CUTTING her dress before the after party to make it cocktail length and i was like, "WHAT?!?!?!"

kerry washington
while her look might not have been my favorite kerry moment of all time,
her account was poppin' with dance floor snaps and only reaffirmed my knowledge that i would actually like to be her best friend.

ivanka trump
her little girl wanted to get dressed up, too,
so she helped her pick out a fancy dress and my heart simultaneously melted.

now for the fashionnnnnnnnnn,
with our top 5 looks of the night...

claire danes in zac posen

modern day cinderella.
i read an article last night that put it so perfectly:
this dress is the fashion moment of the year.
**drops mic**

blake lively in burberry

mrs. reynolds needs to start teaching a class called: how pregnant women should dress.
let's also talk about how each of those flowers was hand sewn onto the gown.

nina dobrev in marchesa

while i may never fully forgive her for leaving the vampire diaries,
this dress definitely puts her back in my good graces.
while most of the gals her age on the carpet last night went for a more robot/tin foil look,
i applaud her for bringing the class.
my usual rule of thumb is: your dress shouldn't be able to channel HBO.
{ahem, tay tay}

sarah jessica parker in monse

seriously, does she get anymore cool?
always the fashion forward,
{and certainly channeling her inner carrie bradshaw, might i add}
sjp made her "Hamilton" fangirl status official on fashion's biggest night.
the cameo, the sleeves, the shoes?
america is proud, girl.

zoe saldana in dolce & gabbana

that train.
the end.

honorable mention: 
orlando bloom's tamagotchi boutinere
the fact that KP had a matching one on her belt
only made me swoon even more.

until next year,

Monday, May 2, 2016

music monday: summahtime jammie-jams.

every year as spring turns into summer,
 i get this idea in my head that i should have moved to a small town in the south,
because i was probably meant to be that girl who drives down country back roads every afternoon
in some guy's truck,
with my favorite country song blasting on the radio.

now, before all y'all who are actually from the south get on my case,
yes...i know this vision is not reality.
mainly because in this vision i also have long curly hair again,
and ever since i realized blondes have more fun,
my hair does NOT grow like it once did.
but also, i've heard all about the bugs and the dirt getting everywhere 
and that your men don't actually look like sam hunt.
{if you find one though, send him my way.}

however, the non-reality of my vision aside,
i still create a playlist every spring of my summer-jam-pretend-country-gal anthems.
and while lexi the lexus is thee furthest thing from a rugged truck i could be rollin' around in,
sometimes you just gotta pretend people, okay?

my current playlist is nothing short of a masterpiece.
{not to brag, but sort of to brag}
and looks a little something like this:

the trailer song - kacey musgraves
think of you - chris young & casadee pope
dust to dust - civil wars
gonna wanna tonight - chase rices
if love was fair - ashley monroe
record year - eric church
make you miss me - sam hunt
biscuits - kacey musgraves
carolina can - chase rice
i don't dance - lee brice
i got the boy - jana kramer
hell on the heart - eric church
roller coaster - luke bryan
john cougar, john deere, john 3:16 - keith urban
girls - miranda lambert
dime store cowgirl - kacey musgraves
t-shirt - thomas rhett
i met a girl - sam hunt
9 to 5 - queen dolly parton
left side of leavin' - brett young
break up in a small town - sam hunt
somebody like you - keith urban
sprinsteen - eric church
peter pan - kelsea ballerini
burning house - cam
something like that - tim mcgraw
the secret of life - faith hill
what a good woman does - joy williams
drinking class - lee brice
how she rolls - chase rice
by the lakeside - katie day
we were us - keith urban & miranda lambert
u turn - chase rice
girl in a country song - maddie & tae
five - dierks gently
it don't hurt like it used to- billy currington
fire away - chris stapleton
red dirt road - brooks and dunn
church bells - carrie underwood
goodbye - sam hunt
american saturday night - brad paisley
any man of mine - shania twain
  take your time- sam hunt
give me back my hometown - eric church
merry go round - kacey musgraves
barefoot blue jean night - jake owen
the blade - ashley monroe
we got it right - old dominion
clint eastwood - jessie james decker
come over - sam hunt
nobody to blame - chris stapleton
friends in low places - garth brooks
reckless - martina mcbride
follow your arrow - kacey musgraves
whiskey lullaby - allison kraus & brad paisley

happy country road rollin, loves.