Sunday, April 24, 2016

what a way to make a living.

a few BIG changes have been processing this past month,
the grandest of them being the opportunity i was given by my job 
to work full time from home.

this upcoming week is my last week in my office up in layton,
{small town about 25 minutes north of the city}
 and then that's it! 
i'm a full time carrie bradshaw.
okay, not really. 
but sorta close.

 naturally, all the positives of working from home immediately rushed through my mind:
gym time in the morning.
{my gym is LITERALLY in my building, i have no more excuses left here}
downtown walks at lunch.
pajama days.
working overtime in the comfort of my corner of the city.
no more morning commute {!!!}
loving my job.

most people dream of this opportunity because of all of the above,
but then comes the parts of "working from home" people don't really talk about.
the realities of the situation, if you will.

my first major concern was the social aspect of it.
while most of the people i work with are not physically in my office,
{hence why this whole situation is plausible}
i enjoy going to work everyday and interacting with the people in my company.
another huge piece to this puzzle is that i live alone.
which means, honestly, i could probably go monday - friday without human contact.
which also means upon realizing this, i had a minor freak out.
but with every freak out comes the hop-portunity to grow.
i googled downtown city events & groups.
{i'm comin' atcha all summer slc}
made the HUGE decision to switch church congregations to be around people a bit more in my season of life.
and started a book club.
along with a few other very conscious changes to my social schedule in order to avoid the "work from home" death sentence of loneliness.

my other concerns were mainly about timing and schedules and creating successful routines.
{are you bored yet?}
so i turned to my trusty texan katy for a few columns of advice on
which once again got me excited for this opportunity.
mainly because i not only love change, but a large part of me thrives on it.

now it's your turn.
as a girl who rarely jumps in without plans a, b, c - z,
if you work at home...what are your tips to success?
anyone. anyone...bueller?


{photo courtesy of pinterest}

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