Wednesday, April 20, 2016

wednesday wisdom.

more times than not my mother,
{who is the living epitome of both the above words}
 signs off on her text messaging conversations with this phrase that became
a classic after the release of disney's cinderella last year.
simultaneously, it has quickly surpassed my previous 
favorite phrase in life, let's eat!,
to become something i look forward to hearing & saying often.

all of my girly-gals in relief society could tell you that on any given sunday,
you're bound to hear this at SOME point from me.
because is there anything more true in life?
i think not.

so imagine the emotions that welled up inside me when my dearest & darling
friend, meags, surprised me last week with this hand painted reminder of what
this world needs oh so much more of.
i mean, i saved the crying until after she left,
but i assure you, there were tears.

which is why i only found it appropriate to have this be a little
wisdom on this wednesday for all.
because courage & kindness are always free,
but trust me in this,
they both have the potential to move emotional mountains.

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