Monday, April 18, 2016

thee most wonderful time of the year.

and we're back!!!
to the time of year where losing your favorite hat means it was a good night,
and yours truly loses about 10 pounds because i get so nervous on game days that i don't eat.
yes. this is a true story.
strangely enough, 
what is also a true story is that i am somewhat emotionally removed from
it all this year.
i don't know what it is.

well actually, yes i do:
i have some major changes coming up to my world over the next few weeks and
this might be a shocker for you to hear,
but there are a few things more important in my life than hockey.
okay, so maybe that's not all the way true.
{the last half, not the first}
 but we are down in this series 2 games to 1 and guess what?
i haven't cried yet!
i'm such a grownup these days, guys!

now that i'm sitting here writing about it and all,
my heart is starting to race and i'm getting nervous for tomorrow night,
so you can pretty much disregard everything i just tried to convince you of.
hockey is still the love of my life.
your prayers for game 4 are much appreciated and welcomed.

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