Monday, April 25, 2016

if you like piña coladas.

bestie emi introduced me to thee brand,
{i now like to think of it more as a lifestyle}
when we bought matching sippy cups during an afternoon of shopping 
back when i was a california gurl.
i still wonder what kind of sign the universe was trying to send me when i dropped 
and subsequently shattered that sippy cup 
the morning i moved to salt lake city.
if you're a life signal reader, please...feel free to send your opinions my way.

luckily, my obsesh with this brand lasted far beyond the life of that sippy cup.
and i am most currently dreaming my days away over that pinneapple raft 
on the left of the above photo. 

now, i don't have a pool in my complex
{carra camille - what can we do about this?}
and i'm almost positive our "hot tub" is smaller than that raft.
so i came up with this bright idea that i would lay out on the deck,
ON the raft all summer long.
but it's $60 and i'm a girl on a budget and nobody has got time for that.
still though, using a raft instead of a towel,
can i claim a little genius?
you're welcome.

this site is loaded with fun for the sun.
 if you're on snapchat, 
follow them and then prepare to die with envy over their daily office rituals
{their CEO literally roller skates around the office everyday}
snapchat: snapbando
 once again, you're welcome.


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