Friday, April 22, 2016

flashback friday: twinsie emoji edition.

did y'all hear the news?
my best friend in the entire world,
is getting married in ONE month.

calling all experts at giving those maid of honor toasts.
it didn't hit me until i got the invite in the mail last week 
and there my name was in PRINT.
like, no pressure or anything here, guys.
i just have to make it thee most perfect toast of perfect toasts ever given.

 today's flashback is brought to you by this slight panic of a realization,
and a post i wrote years ago after our first {and only} huge fight.
we laugh about it now.
mainly because i don't think either of us can remember exactly what it was about.
but whatever it was,
we didn't speak to each other for four months.
looking back, what i do remember is all the times during that silence that i wish i could have
called her and asked her to forgive me and we had gotten on with our lives.
which is why one night in the midst of our anger over what was, clearly, nothing,
i sat at my computer and wrote an email asking her for her forgiveness.
i was done taking my pride for a ride,
because it really was, and always is, such a lonely ride.
and i guess you know you've chosen the right person to link your life with when you get an apology acceptance email back three minutes later.
four months of not talking, 
and all it took us was 180 seconds to let it all go.

 and perhaps that was the lesson to be learned from it all...
disagreement is human nature.
and anyone in my life could tell you i tend to be someone who is very comfortable with confrontation.
i have no problem expressing my earnest thoughts in a tense situation. 
my brother calls me a "force".
others might use a different word...
but i've learned that even more important than being comfortable with using your voice,
is being comfortable with apologies.
some things don't need to be said.
you don't always have to be right to be smart.
and pride has no place between loved ones. 

needless to say, everything really did feel right once all our pieces where put back together.
and just like that,


{photo courtesy of pinterest}

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