Saturday, April 23, 2016

chelsea, chelsea i believe.

5 hours ago my hawkey loves were down 3-1,
 {and seemingly out} 
of a win-or-go-home game 6. 
i screamed a few expletives.
{sorry mom!}
stopped breathing more times than could possibly be healthy.
paced the kitchen so emphatically, my bestie commented on her wonder in what my downstairs neighbors might be thinking.
and two hours later, we won the game 6-3.

any fan of the ice could tell you this is what keeps us addicted.
the thrill in the endless possibility of a comeback.
and the agony in how easy it is to lose a "solid" lead.

but tonight, talent was the name of our game.
and monday we are headed to st. louie for a winner-takes-all game 7.
 someone has to win.
someone has to lose.
but i believe in a girl named chelsea...
and a team that will forever have my heart.


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