Tuesday, April 19, 2016

a toast to tuesday nights.

do you ever watch those movies where the gals on the block get together
and do book club and you think, 
this is not real life.
okay, so maybe that's just me,
but, it has happened multiple times in my mind.
and i WISH it were real life. 
which means i did what you do when you need to make s&*% happen,
i created one of my own.

the gals at church and i have been having a blast the past few weeks mulling
over one of my favorite books of all time, eat, pray, love.
if you haven't read it and are thinking it's too popular to be cool enough for
your eyes,
i assure you, you're wrong.

when i read this book 7 years ago i was in a place.
you know, like one of those life places.
and i distinctly remember reading this and just letting it gut me from the inside out. 
and then give me all these nuggets of wisdom to put myself back together.
it's amazing how much we can learn from peaking in on another person's journey.
and gilbert's is one of the best i've ever read.

you should probably join in with us, too.
virtually, of course.
unless you live in or around SLC and then by all means,
stop on by.
we are currently praying in india.

but let me put out a warning to anyone thinking of starting their own,
or joining ours...
we always follow the #1 rule of book club.
which is, you don't actually ever really talk about the book.
okay, so it's on a 90/10 ratio,
90% girl talk, 10% book talk.
and i think that's what makes it best of all.

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