Monday, April 25, 2016

if you like piña coladas.

bestie emi introduced me to thee brand,
{i now like to think of it more as a lifestyle}
when we bought matching sippy cups during an afternoon of shopping 
back when i was a california gurl.
i still wonder what kind of sign the universe was trying to send me when i dropped 
and subsequently shattered that sippy cup 
the morning i moved to salt lake city.
if you're a life signal reader, please...feel free to send your opinions my way.

luckily, my obsesh with this brand lasted far beyond the life of that sippy cup.
and i am most currently dreaming my days away over that pinneapple raft 
on the left of the above photo. 

now, i don't have a pool in my complex
{carra camille - what can we do about this?}
and i'm almost positive our "hot tub" is smaller than that raft.
so i came up with this bright idea that i would lay out on the deck,
ON the raft all summer long.
but it's $60 and i'm a girl on a budget and nobody has got time for that.
still though, using a raft instead of a towel,
can i claim a little genius?
you're welcome.

this site is loaded with fun for the sun.
 if you're on snapchat, 
follow them and then prepare to die with envy over their daily office rituals
{their CEO literally roller skates around the office everyday}
snapchat: snapbando
 once again, you're welcome.


Sunday, April 24, 2016

what a way to make a living.

a few BIG changes have been processing this past month,
the grandest of them being the opportunity i was given by my job 
to work full time from home.

this upcoming week is my last week in my office up in layton,
{small town about 25 minutes north of the city}
 and then that's it! 
i'm a full time carrie bradshaw.
okay, not really. 
but sorta close.

 naturally, all the positives of working from home immediately rushed through my mind:
gym time in the morning.
{my gym is LITERALLY in my building, i have no more excuses left here}
downtown walks at lunch.
pajama days.
working overtime in the comfort of my corner of the city.
no more morning commute {!!!}
loving my job.

most people dream of this opportunity because of all of the above,
but then comes the parts of "working from home" people don't really talk about.
the realities of the situation, if you will.

my first major concern was the social aspect of it.
while most of the people i work with are not physically in my office,
{hence why this whole situation is plausible}
i enjoy going to work everyday and interacting with the people in my company.
another huge piece to this puzzle is that i live alone.
which means, honestly, i could probably go monday - friday without human contact.
which also means upon realizing this, i had a minor freak out.
but with every freak out comes the hop-portunity to grow.
i googled downtown city events & groups.
{i'm comin' atcha all summer slc}
made the HUGE decision to switch church congregations to be around people a bit more in my season of life.
and started a book club.
along with a few other very conscious changes to my social schedule in order to avoid the "work from home" death sentence of loneliness.

my other concerns were mainly about timing and schedules and creating successful routines.
{are you bored yet?}
so i turned to my trusty texan katy for a few columns of advice on
which once again got me excited for this opportunity.
mainly because i not only love change, but a large part of me thrives on it.

now it's your turn.
as a girl who rarely jumps in without plans a, b, c - z,
if you work at home...what are your tips to success?
anyone. anyone...bueller?


{photo courtesy of pinterest}

Saturday, April 23, 2016

chelsea, chelsea i believe.

5 hours ago my hawkey loves were down 3-1,
 {and seemingly out} 
of a win-or-go-home game 6. 
i screamed a few expletives.
{sorry mom!}
stopped breathing more times than could possibly be healthy.
paced the kitchen so emphatically, my bestie commented on her wonder in what my downstairs neighbors might be thinking.
and two hours later, we won the game 6-3.

any fan of the ice could tell you this is what keeps us addicted.
the thrill in the endless possibility of a comeback.
and the agony in how easy it is to lose a "solid" lead.

but tonight, talent was the name of our game.
and monday we are headed to st. louie for a winner-takes-all game 7.
 someone has to win.
someone has to lose.
but i believe in a girl named chelsea...
and a team that will forever have my heart.


Friday, April 22, 2016

flashback friday: twinsie emoji edition.

did y'all hear the news?
my best friend in the entire world,
is getting married in ONE month.

calling all experts at giving those maid of honor toasts.
it didn't hit me until i got the invite in the mail last week 
and there my name was in PRINT.
like, no pressure or anything here, guys.
i just have to make it thee most perfect toast of perfect toasts ever given.

 today's flashback is brought to you by this slight panic of a realization,
and a post i wrote years ago after our first {and only} huge fight.
we laugh about it now.
mainly because i don't think either of us can remember exactly what it was about.
but whatever it was,
we didn't speak to each other for four months.
looking back, what i do remember is all the times during that silence that i wish i could have
called her and asked her to forgive me and we had gotten on with our lives.
which is why one night in the midst of our anger over what was, clearly, nothing,
i sat at my computer and wrote an email asking her for her forgiveness.
i was done taking my pride for a ride,
because it really was, and always is, such a lonely ride.
and i guess you know you've chosen the right person to link your life with when you get an apology acceptance email back three minutes later.
four months of not talking, 
and all it took us was 180 seconds to let it all go.

 and perhaps that was the lesson to be learned from it all...
disagreement is human nature.
and anyone in my life could tell you i tend to be someone who is very comfortable with confrontation.
i have no problem expressing my earnest thoughts in a tense situation. 
my brother calls me a "force".
others might use a different word...
but i've learned that even more important than being comfortable with using your voice,
is being comfortable with apologies.
some things don't need to be said.
you don't always have to be right to be smart.
and pride has no place between loved ones. 

needless to say, everything really did feel right once all our pieces where put back together.
and just like that,


{photo courtesy of pinterest}

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

wednesday wisdom.

more times than not my mother,
{who is the living epitome of both the above words}
 signs off on her text messaging conversations with this phrase that became
a classic after the release of disney's cinderella last year.
simultaneously, it has quickly surpassed my previous 
favorite phrase in life, let's eat!,
to become something i look forward to hearing & saying often.

all of my girly-gals in relief society could tell you that on any given sunday,
you're bound to hear this at SOME point from me.
because is there anything more true in life?
i think not.

so imagine the emotions that welled up inside me when my dearest & darling
friend, meags, surprised me last week with this hand painted reminder of what
this world needs oh so much more of.
i mean, i saved the crying until after she left,
but i assure you, there were tears.

which is why i only found it appropriate to have this be a little
wisdom on this wednesday for all.
because courage & kindness are always free,
but trust me in this,
they both have the potential to move emotional mountains.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

a toast to tuesday nights.

do you ever watch those movies where the gals on the block get together
and do book club and you think, 
this is not real life.
okay, so maybe that's just me,
but, it has happened multiple times in my mind.
and i WISH it were real life. 
which means i did what you do when you need to make s&*% happen,
i created one of my own.

the gals at church and i have been having a blast the past few weeks mulling
over one of my favorite books of all time, eat, pray, love.
if you haven't read it and are thinking it's too popular to be cool enough for
your eyes,
i assure you, you're wrong.

when i read this book 7 years ago i was in a place.
you know, like one of those life places.
and i distinctly remember reading this and just letting it gut me from the inside out. 
and then give me all these nuggets of wisdom to put myself back together.
it's amazing how much we can learn from peaking in on another person's journey.
and gilbert's is one of the best i've ever read.

you should probably join in with us, too.
virtually, of course.
unless you live in or around SLC and then by all means,
stop on by.
we are currently praying in india.

but let me put out a warning to anyone thinking of starting their own,
or joining ours...
we always follow the #1 rule of book club.
which is, you don't actually ever really talk about the book.
okay, so it's on a 90/10 ratio,
90% girl talk, 10% book talk.
and i think that's what makes it best of all.

Monday, April 18, 2016

thee most wonderful time of the year.

and we're back!!!
to the time of year where losing your favorite hat means it was a good night,
and yours truly loses about 10 pounds because i get so nervous on game days that i don't eat.
yes. this is a true story.
strangely enough, 
what is also a true story is that i am somewhat emotionally removed from
it all this year.
i don't know what it is.

well actually, yes i do:
i have some major changes coming up to my world over the next few weeks and
this might be a shocker for you to hear,
but there are a few things more important in my life than hockey.
okay, so maybe that's not all the way true.
{the last half, not the first}
 but we are down in this series 2 games to 1 and guess what?
i haven't cried yet!
i'm such a grownup these days, guys!

now that i'm sitting here writing about it and all,
my heart is starting to race and i'm getting nervous for tomorrow night,
so you can pretty much disregard everything i just tried to convince you of.
hockey is still the love of my life.
your prayers for game 4 are much appreciated and welcomed.