Monday, March 28, 2016

let me count the ways.

"it seems they had been and always would be friends.
time could change much, but not that."
--winnie the pooh--

i've said it before, i'll say it again:
i consider one of my greatest blessings in life to be 
the fact that i have never wanted for truly loyal & incredibly fabulous girlfriends.
i'm not talking about the kind of girlfriends you hang out with out of convenience because 
you're classmates or workmates or roommates or whatever mates.
those are great and fun, but the realities in life usually cause a shift in ties eventually.
and that's not a bad thing, it's just a thing.
no, i'm talking about the class of girlfriends you meet and your souls collide.
sometimes over similarities, sometimes over differences, 
but all the times you can almost immediately feel they are with you for good.
these are the girls who rock the world on a daily basis and still find time for you.
who celebrate your accomplishments with no jealousy,
and sympathize through your sorrows with no hidden relief.
these are the girls who fly out on thanksgiving so you don't have to be alone,
 who tell you those jeans actually do make you look fat
and who make the friendships on sex and the city not just another tv myth.

when i hear other women say they don't have a lot of girlfriends because women
are catty and mean and nasty,
{which for the record, many can be just so}
i get a little sad that they are missing out on what has been, for me,
one of life's endless joys.

and this weekend my girl gang crushed it.
as per the usual.

my darling east coast princess of a gf, linds, 
{but really, her hair game is more on point that t.swift}
was in town this weekend and took some time to drive into the city saturday
morning for breakfast at {eva's}
{my favorite spot in town, and not just because they film the hallmark movies there.
but sorta because of that, ok}
L and i have a funny story of a gal-ship because 
when we actually were in the same geographic location of life,
{aka: she sat in front of me in college} 
we weren't really friends.
but thanks to the grace of social media she has become a part of my
nearest & dearest over the years.
it was the kind of breakfast that lasts two and half hours,
only 15 minutes of those actually used for eating.
the rest for gossip and laughter and love.
and comisterating over our worst date stories from the year.
{did i ever tell you about the time i was ditched 1/2 way through
a date so the guy could go get high?
he never came back.
i paid for everything and left.
then got a text from him TWO HOURS LATER asking me where i was.
and that's a true story.}

once i got home, i checked my mailbox for the first time since before my trip,
{my mailman seriously must hate me}
to find not one, but TWO love-grams from my california gals. 
a note just to say "hello" from my best friend in junior high,
and a post-card dear friend S found while cleaning out her house that
she bought for me in london, but never got around to sending.

and yesterday morning,
when holidays make you feel like those few hundred miles away from home might
as well be multiplied by a few thousand,
i was sitting in church when i got an easter text from jo.
it was simple, it was sweet, it knocked me to tears because i realized, yet again,
no one does it like mine do it.

and just like that,
i feel a little bit more like that celebration of international happiness day
last week is finally a little less fake.

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