Monday, March 14, 2016

international day of happiness.

today is an "a lot of things" day
pi(e) day, national nap day, monday, etc.
but as i hopped on over to get the first day of the week lowdown from
i saw that today is:
international day of happiness.
{at least according to her & that's good enough for me}

now i have to admit,
when i first read the title i laughed.
and no, not a good laugh.
because you see if we want to get really real and honest here
{yep, peel back that "i want everyone to think my life is perfect"
internet facade we are ALL guilty of}
i have felt everything BUT happy the last few days.
call it the post-island slump, call it the missing-california-sunshine syndrome,
call it the feeling-so-alone-in-a-crowded-room-of-people blues,
call it the matters-of-the-heart-are-driving-me-crazy meltdown,
anyway you slice is brutal at the moment.

but then i got to thinking,
gratitude truly is in your attitude.
and while current circumstances might be frustrating me beyond 
i, by no means, have an unhappy life.
at least, i don't think i do.
and so i decided to put this theory to a test and list out the 
things {big or small} that currently make me happy:

1. my faith

2. diet coke in the morning

3. chicago hockey

4. runs up to the capitol building

5. driving home from work having conquered another day

6. emails with my best friend

7. cleaning my apartment
{i know, i know...psycho party of one}

8. going to the movie theatre

9. walking around the mall a few blocks down after it rains

10. spending time with the girls i serve at church

11. snapchat
{i'm a full blown addict - i make no apologies}

12. reruns of sex and the city

13. walking into my apartment each night and realizing i'm brave
enough to go it alone

14. beauty magazines and candles - preferably at the same time

15. a really good outfit with a pair of sky-high heels

16. reminding myself that if i'm feeling it, taylor swift
has probably felt it too, which means -
there's a song for that!

all seem so simple,
and yet, in making the list i am reminded that sometimes it's the
smallest & simplest things that can bring us right back to where we 
want to be.

so, happy international day of happiness, loves.
i hope your post-weekend high is A LOT higher than mine.
but just in case it isn't,
get on up & make your list,
i promise the butterflies will come.

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