Saturday, March 5, 2016

happy birthday, anne shirley!

for the record,
i put on ridiculously long nails last night and so it's going to take me about 3 hours
to type this post out.
{olivia pope clearly does not type her own memos}
but i figure it is worth the struggle and multiple clicking noises to wish my girl,
anne shirley, a very happy birthday.

other than the likes of scarlett o'hara and josephine march,
no other literary/film character had such a profound effect on my childhood.
her life was the beginning of:
my deep love for canada,
{prince edward island had me like...woah}
my realization that life isn't life without a bosom friend & kindred spirit,
{i found her in junior high...and am currently in the midst of preparing a maid of honor speech to give at her wedding in 3 months}
my attraction to the tall, dark and handsome,
{gilbert blythe. say no more world, say no more}
my flair for the dramatic,
{no one does a one liner like anne}
and many more things.
{i never understood why i couldn't attend a one room schoolhouse}

i will even throw down my confessions that when i was 8 i dressed up
as anne shirley for halloween and really didn't understand why NOBODY knew who i was!
regardless of their sad lives,
i marched in a costume parade at disneyland with my grandpa in what will forever be
my favorite life memories.
and while other girls played with their barbie dream houses,
i played with my green gables paper dolls.
don't worry, anne was very fashionable when in my hands.

so happy birthday, anne shirley.
may you continue to influence younger generations that 
dying their own hair is a death sentence,
chasing after your dreams is the only way to live.

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