Saturday, March 26, 2016

good morning, patriots!

if anyone can name the movie the above quote is from you're either
already my best friend or we should seriously consider becoming best friends.
{it's legally blonde 2. fyi.}

i've been totally MIA because it just so happens yours truly
just bounced back from a business trip in our nation's capital that included:

a layover in one of my favorite cities on earth,
sweet home chicago. 

finding my spirit animal in a southwest airlines flight attendant.

successfully balancing both that patriotic and pope pride in all
wardrobe choices.

doing a little moi-spoiling, renting a car for 2 hours
and being driven all around dc,
with a quicker than quick stop at the smithsonian...
{ps - i am SO sorry to all those who reached out to get together
while i was there.
i honestly had one window of 2.5 hours to myself,
the rest of the time i was herding kittens from 7am-11pm each day}

 ...and a drive-by of my favorite monument.

 attempting to break the world record for largest human mattress dominoes.

 {which was surprisingly terrifying}

and then successfully breaking that record.
{have no fear, i'll sign your 2016 guinness books}

fancy dinners.

 and less than fancy late night ice cream runs.

 i am happy to be back in my little hallmark house,
but won't pretend like i'm not missing that hotel bed.
{if you're ever in dc, i HIGHLY recommend the
gaylord national resort on the potomic}

pps - no the camera on my phone isn't that terrible.
i just live out of snapchat these days and therefore use their camera,
which is, in fact, terrible.
have snappy-chat?
follow me! katymylady23

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