Thursday, March 10, 2016

dear charlotte.

us in another life:

us in real life:
while the birthday train is rolling,
i figure we might as well stay on board a little while longer, 
{choo choo} 
to wish my very best friend, soulmate, sister, 
and the real-to-life version of charlotte york,
a happiest of happy birthdays.

i posted on instagram earlier today 
that i have a hard time finding the right words to express 
how grateful i am for her decision all those years ago to invest in my life.

you see,
we both made the high school dance team in 9th grade.
 and for our very first routine of the year 
{austin powers, baby}
we were put next to each other on the same line.
and that was that.
i couldn't even tell you what our first conversation was about,
{but knowing her, justin timberlake was most likely involved}
it just clicked.
and we have never looked back.

she laughed with me through my over-the-phone love confession to a boy
when we were 16.
forgave me after our first {and only} blow out fight when we were 22.
picked me up off the floor when i had my heart broken at 24.
and made me cry by asking me to be her maid of honor when we were 28.
it's my firm belief that friendship doesn't just happen,
especially one that has withstood 17 years of life's messiness, 
like ours.
as i think goes with any relationship,
you make a very conscious decision to allow that person a part in your life.
it's work.
with 2 strong personalities like ours, it's a bit of compromise.
it's sisterly love to the enth degree.

so, my dear charlotte:
happy, happy birthday. 
may your dirty 30 be flirty,
{but only with your soon-to-be hubby}
and thriving.
{treat yourself to those nude louboutins girl}
thank you for never giving up on me.

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