Saturday, August 29, 2015

thee barbie dream house {part 4}

thee bathroom
i have to give the peeps who designed this apartment points for creativity,
but then subtract a few for sensibility when it comes to my bathroom.
my point being there is a big freakin' wall separating the toilet from the sink and shower.
i think the point was supposed to be that while one person showers another can use the other side.
but, the sink? away from the toilet? really?
i swear, those extra 6 steps to wash your hands DO make a difference.
mainly at 3:00am when you're half asleep, but you drink too much water {and diet coke} during the day to make it through the night without a bathroom break.
sorry, tmi.

but my lazy lamentation aside,
it does allow for a bit of extra space on the one side, in which i promptly created make-shift closet #2.
and simultaneously proved to myself that new york city living is actually probably super really meant for my soul.

{yes, i understand the calendar is from a year ago, but that picture? it stays}



in terms of decor, it's all hawks, all the time.
i definitely have wayyyyy too much blackhawks fan-abilia to not use it as decor,
but i also didn't want to turn my entire house into a tacky, sporty, man cave that a slightly prissy, but self-proclaimed fabulous girly-girl lives in.
so i threw it all in the bathroom.
i call that an inner-compromise, people.
of which i am slightly proud.

last, but not least, on this week's barbie tour...
the bedroom!
which isn't really a room,
{joys of that studio life}
but the back part of my 500 square foot space i pay way too much in rent every month to call my own.
it's a splash of me and a dash of carrie bradshaw with a cloud of a bed thrown in for good measure.
happy saturday, loves!

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