Friday, August 28, 2015

thee barbie dream house {part 3}

living room
i spend most of my time in the living room space,
so i wanted this part of the apartment to be comfy and pretty,
which is quite different than just pretty comfy
{it's okay if you're not laughing at my jokes, i'm not really either}

{artwork: various art stores; lamp: target; side table: antique from mom; couch: rc willey; pillows: target}

{bookshelf: target}
{and no my bookcase isn't crooked, i just can't take a straight picture...oops}

{glass slipper: gift; lladro: gift; hummel: gift; swarovski crystal swan: purchased in lucerne, switzerland}
{books: whatever you choose to be by ann romney; scatter my ashes at bergdorf goodman by bergdorf goodman; forget me not by dieter f. uchtdorf; pink think: becoming a woman in many uneasy lessons by lynn peril; the ellements of personal style: 25 modern fashion icons by joe zee and maggie bullock; sex and the city movie style guide by amy sohn; sex and the city 2 movie style guide by sarah jessica parker; castles of scotland by christina gambaro; katy perry by noam friedlander; scotland by j. renison; vanity fair: the portraits by graydon carter and david friend}

{painting: inslee hayes; louboutin christmas ornamanent: gardner village, utah}
let's have a brief, brief pause where we talk about this painting by thee ever fabulous inslee hayes.  if you notice to the left of the painting is a series of books by my favorite author, emily giffin.  each of the girls in the painting is the main character from each of those books, and each character is reading her book.
{the ones left out are from the one and only and the heart of the matter
because they had yet to be published}
it is one of my favorite things i have ever bought myself.  it also happened to be the inspiration behind my girlfriends and moi's contest entry to win a copy of something borrowed signed by the cast of the movie.
and yes, we won...which is why if you look closely you will see i own 2 copies of that book.

{books: except for the clearly newer books on the left, these are all older editions of some of my favorite classics gifted to me by my grandmother}

{queen chair: sam's club}

{study nook turned closet: target bath}

like i described in my first post, 
i wanted this room to be my own version of olivia pope's living room on scandal.
blues, greens, pinks, creams...with my own pops of color added in through the art,
because i neither save the world by day nor am i having an affair with the president of the united states by night, so it had to definitely still scream me.
sorry, liv.

the couch was our other find a lifetime from rc willey.
it was the end of a sectional someone had returned that started at $800.
by the time we got to it they slashed those dollar signs down to $99.
yes, we purchased that couch for less money than a flash sale at jet blue.
3 - jessica. 0 - ridiculously overpriced pretty furniture.

 again, i wanted my love for traveling to be a huge part of my home,
so the artwork above the couch represents my 5 favorite cities i have visited:
paris, new york, rome, london, edinburgh.
the thomas kinkade painting of peter pan & crew along the london skyline was a dear gift
from my brother & sister-in-law. 
{i cried when i opened it}
and the other painting is an original piece by bestie jo.
{i cried when i opened that one, too}
as for the painting of the salt lake temple, it was a gift from my parents this past christmas.
and while slc will never be my nyc, it is my current "c" that i am growing to love.
i still cannot get over how well it pulls in all the colors of the living room.

the obvious crown jewel of my apartment is that chair.
or my throne, as i like to call it.
this piece is 100% credited to my mom who found it one day at sam's club!
{turns out that place good for more than free lunch on a saturday}
i should also throw in a side note that my incredible parents gifted me all of the above furniture,
for which i am forever grateful.
my guests should be grateful too, because if it were up to my time & budget,
they would all be sitting on pillow cushions to watch hockey.

now to the closet space.
there is none in this apartment.
none. zilch. nada.
i mean, my "closet" fits about 2 shoes and a purse which if you know the kind of fashion baggage i carry around with me...anywhoo, i had to improvise.
so i turned the study nook into a closet with none other than 2 shower rods and a curtain.
it's only come crashing down on me a total of 3 times since i moved in so i consider it a rousing success.
{most days}

tomorrow we head to the bathroom.
which is split in two and was clearly designed by a man, but is decorated to say a whole lotta chelsea, chelsea i believe so i'm a happy camper.

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