Thursday, August 27, 2015

thee barbie dream house {part 2}

hi, hello again from thee barbie dream house kitchen!!
 to put things into perspective a little for y'all,
my apartment is about 500 square feet.
my only lament is, of course, the lack of closet space.
{but we will get to how i fixed that later}
while the singular theme of the kitchen is definitely parisian focused, 
the front part of my house is filled with various mementos from my travels to all my favorite cities.

{pink cookware set: target breast cancer awareness; dish towels: target}

 {plug-in: bath & body works (usually smells like anything cupcakey or caramely); blackhawks toaster: gift; 
 daily flip shoe calendar: gift}

{paris photograph:; paris map bulletin board: target; eiffel tower cups: target valentine's day; hello kitty stuffies: gifts; bon jour momento box: thrift store}

{bar chairs: rc willey home furnishings}

{tea box: gift; jane austen quote mug: chattsworth house in england; diet coke ornament: gift; i heart ny suckers: gift; teapot: antique from mom; books: barnes & noble; eiffel tower: local dumpster}

{cubbies pig: target christmas (girlfriend's hats change with the sporting seasons, obviously)}

the crowning glory of the kitchen is clearly the shoe rack,
and i have to admit the idea was one hundred percent my father's.
considering carrie bradshaw kept sweaters in her stove, i just figure it's what all the best city gals do these days.
and let me tell ya, it's also a great conversation ice breaker!
when people come to visit they always want to talk about the shoes,
and i don't know about you, but i feel like the greatest conversations in the world revolve around fabulous footwear.

but the other part of my kitchen that i am muy proud of are those bar chairs.
i was given a friendly piece of advice to visit the "gently damaged" section of rc willey when it came time to furnish my space.
these chairs apparently have a scratch on each of them,
{in a place i have still yet to find}
and therefore were marked down from $200 a piece to $50 a piece!
i mean, i practically cried for joy when the salesman insisted it wasn't a joke.

on that front, one of the best pieces of decorating advice i was ever given is to build your style over time.
it seems very simple, but i think it's also very easy to get swept up in wanting everything to be complete right now.
for those with unlimited hours and budget, that time probably goes a bit more speedily.
however, i am neither so most of the decor pieces in my house,
{ex: bulletin board, paris photo, cookware set, wall art, etc}
are things i've accumulated over the past 5 years or so.
and in terms of that iron eiffel tower, items i dug out of someone else's trashcan.
you gotta go after what you want in this world, people!

my decor style isn't, what you would call, "trendy".
i wanted thee barbie bachy pad to look like my personality exploded all over it,
but in the most refined, yet homey way possible.
therefore a lot of what is out there right now in terms of decor doesn't fit me.
i'm not a minimalist by any means,
and too much white makes me feel like i'm watching my trashy tv shows in the waiting room of a hospital.
in fact, the only "new" items i bought to decorate the kitchen were the bar chairs, that glorious pig {if southern women can have roosters, i can have a pig} and the dishtowels.
which means my house will probably always be an ongoing project.
yay? yay...
{insert monkey covered eyes emoji here}

next up on the home post docket is thee living area.
olivia pope's got nothin' on me here.
until tomorrow...

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