Wednesday, August 26, 2015

thee barbie dream house {part 1}

 a while back one of my favorite reader friends {ms. renee} asked me to do a post on the decor in my apartment.
and in case you needed a reminder, 
here is reason 54928381 why i could never be a professional blogger.
because i am FINALLY doing this post 6 months later.
now, since there is lots of decor to discuss and loads of pictures to show,
this will be more a series of posts throughout week so that you aren't scrolling for the next 2 hours of your life.
{i try my best to think of others.}

it's a surprise to no one that i am a woman with many interests.
i can play it classy, heaven knows i can play it sassy, i love sports and i love lots of color.
when i'm more of a grownup i know i want lots of whites with pops of color and all that martha stewart living sorta stuff in my home,
but for now...i wanted to create the ultimate bachelorette pad while i still could.

so i turned to my two favorite television characters {i mean, wouldn't you?} to kick off thee inspiration:
carrie bradshaw & olivia pope. 
while i think we can safely assume these two gals wouldn't get along if they met in person,
{type A olivia and free spirit carrie? hard pass}
the vibe of both their apartments plays along the same lines of classy, but eclectic.

while doing my research, i read that the set decorator for scandal said that when making olivia's apartment they wanted it to be far different from who she was to the outside world.
in her job she maintains control and power, but in her home she doesn't have to put up those walls.
they wanted the space to be warm and inviting; almost a little unexpected when you finally see it compared to where you think she would live.

and y'all know carrie bradshaw's vibe says nothing but: big city, tiny space, fabulously single gal.
and thus the decorating began...

i knew to go along with ms. pope's vibe, i wanted the living room area and kitchen to be combos of cream and teal with blush pink as more of an accent color.
to go along with ms. bradshaw's vibe, i knew i wanted a gallery wall behind my bed, the closet space to be part of the decor and my books shelved everywhere around the apartment.
and to go along with the moi vibe, i wanted the bathroom to be all blackhawks.

we will kick off the grand tour tomorrow in my most useful area of the house:
my kitchen.
execept it's not useful because i still don't cook, people,
but i managed to make it look super pretty anyway, so there's that.
see ya then!

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  1. Redecorating my home begins now! Thank you for the step by step inspiration girlfriend! So blessed to call you my Friend. I love you ❤️