Monday, August 31, 2015

thee barbie dream house {finale}

last on thee barbie bachie pad tour,
thee bedroom
{gallery wall (from left): hand-stitched hanky: gift from paris; original alice in wonderland sketch: disneyland; tiffany & co bag; christian dior bag; bergdrof goodman anniversary bag; kate spade bag; confessions of a shopaholic movie poster: gift; broadway lights pop-out art piece: gift; shoes of carrie bradshaw's closet: limited edition print; taylor swift polaroid triple frame: 1989 cd pack; nicole kidman photoraph: instyle; reese witherspoon photograph: instyle; sarah jessica parker photograph: instlye; paris inspiration photograph: instyle-UK; framed card: gift; katy perry photograph: harper's bazar; magnolia bakery nyc bag}

{breakfast at tiffany's movie poster:}

{honest hand & body lotion; pink chiffon body lotion: bath & body works; flower pin: nordstrom; jewelery tray: j.crew; pink sangria candle: bath & body works; i am that girl by alexis jones & sophia bush; instyle magazines; lamp: target}

{no joke, THIS is the closet they expect people to be able to fit all their clothes into. 
it's smaller than the front seat of my car! so that was fun.}

{signed katy perry photo: gift; confessions of a shopaholic bag: gift}

{bedding: shabby chic; pillows: ikea}

since this space of the apartment is the only one with any natural light,
i wanted to use that to my advantage and keep the room bright with white, 
rather than the cream base of the living room.
it also went along more with the carrie bradshaw vibe.
{which is also where the gallery wall behind the bed inspiration came from}
and while i know that cloud pillow is so out of place it's almost ridiculous,
it reminded me too much of katy perry's super bowl performance extraordinaire for me to pass up.
and sometimes you just gotta let a princess be, people.

now, if you so feel the urge in your life to create a gallery wall and have zero to zilch patience with home improvement projects like moi, 
i would highly recommend you zen out with just a plain, white, wall instead.
or something to that nature.
while i love, love, looooooveeee that wall with an almost real-to-life love,
it took one excrutiating trip to ikea,
{a place i hate more than kitten heels at a formal event}
and 5 hours of cutting, framing, hammering and rearranging to pull off.
silver lining? 
i learned a lot about myself that day,
mainly myself doesn't like diy anything.

but couldn't that view heal your soul on any bad day?
yah, mine, too.
because while the bathroom is weird and i've had to build 2 make-shift closets and box up all my winter clothes in the laundry room to fit my obsession with style into this place, 
that view is worth every penny i pay.
{especially because did you catch that? yes, i have my own washer & dryer}
it's not new york city, but it's home.
for now, atleast.

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