Tuesday, August 18, 2015

august rush.

life is moving one bajillion miles a minute.
and i have mucho to update this space on...
bestie j's all-out-incredible wedding weekend
concerting with shania twain
FINALLY posting pictures of my apartment for reader renee
sharing a super-FAB new makeup line
that "pretty little liars" finale {seriously...cece!?!}
and the last days of summer in the city.

however, thee charlotte to my carrie {and bff for 17 years} is coming to stay with me tomorrow for FOUR whole days and i have a pile of files on my desk at work that needs to be addressed,
a target trip to make,
a dinner date to catch,
a meeting for my women's organization to attend,
and a nasty cold to get over before her arrival in t-24 hours,
so all of the above will remain on hold for just a titch longer.

happiest of weeks, loves!

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