Friday, July 3, 2015

thee literary walk of shame.

i'm somewhat sheepish in saying,
it only took me living here for 9 months to figure out how to actually explore this place.
in my defense, we experienced below frigid temperatures for like, 8 1/2 of those months,
and i don't really do weather i can't wear high heels in.

so while i now may die of heat stroke from doing so, 
i'm determined to spend my summer out in the city.
my most recent discovery being the city library.
and while i will be the first to tell you salt lake is nowhere near being at the top of the list in any category as far as functional cities may be concerned,
{i'm convinced this would be the place new yorkers go to die} 
these people DO know how to build a library.

let's begin with this view.
 now, along with this view you will also have the opportunity to be serenaded by a homeless person at any given time.
step into the book store.
grab a snack at the cafe.
or change up those hairs at the salon.
yes, my library has a SALON.
{take that nyc}

this has become my current happy place for all sorts of fun.
except today.
as today i was the entertainment.

i ran over to the library real quick after work,
{yes, i'm a workaholic}
 to grab a book i had put on hold.
and while the book has a somewhat suggestive title,
i swear on chanel that it's not what you're thinking.

however, as i tried to whisper,
 {i mean, it's a library people!} 
the title to the concierge so he could grab it from the hold shelf,
he decided it would be best to LOUDLY announce the title of the book to the entire reading section of the library.

now, in case you've been under a log for the past forever,
the population of this city of mine is quite conservative,
leaving me to do a literary walk of shame out the front door.
and with the looks i got,
it might as well have been 50 Shades of Grey.
which, for the record please let me remind you,
it is not.

next time,
i think i'll just stick to the floor with my homeless friends who sing.
happy reading, y'all!

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