Monday, July 20, 2015

no makeup monday.

{no makeup. no filter. insert confused emoji here.} 

when your bestie is getting married in 3 weeks,
and you have to stand in front of everyone in thee prettiest cream cocktail dress 
nordstrom has released this year,
and it's like a gathering of so-cal's beautiful of beautiful people,
you have to take certain life measures to ensure bridesmaid success:

2 eliptical seshies a day. 
{who invented the idea of climbing to nowhere?}
tomato snacks all around. 
{gag me}
only curl your hair once a week.
{this is tough because my natural hair is naturally awful}
wear the least amount of makeup possible to give that summah-time skin room to breathe.
{i feel a bit granola-y}
and drink more water than diet coke.
{my body has no idea what's going on, really}

on the super bright side,
sleeping in every morning is a good trade.
and very few people in this world love a good wedding more than moi.

can't wait to party the weekend away j & b.

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